Tuesday, July 30, 2013

USDF Reg 4 Champs/ SMSG Team Competition

 I was goign to wait till we got our professional pictures back (we conned a barn mate to come with her fancy schmancy camera) to blog but I'm getting ancy.

The day of competition dawned early. I was excited and hopeful. Injections were working their voodoo magic, Yanks had been going brilliantly and I was prepared. I ACTUALLY had my first test memorized. Our WHOLE barn was coming to support us and it was amazing to feel the love.

We all look just ridiculous
 Our strategy was to immediately separate the beasts to opposite sides of trailer because Demi has separation anxiety and it gets bad at shows. Yankee rarely gives a flip at shows and I've never had an issue with him being badly behaved at the trailer/calling for other horses.

All was good until Demi was in warm up and started blaring away for someone and Yankee heard her. That was the end of that. They called and called and called and I was SO embarrassed because K was reluctant to even take me because she knew her horse would start that. I assured her Yankee was fine at shows and wouldn't be an issue.

Insert foot into mouth and hang head.

Luckily Demi, per usual floated like an angel and despite calling, won her classes with a 77% and 75% in training level.

So I didn't feel very bad.

8 hours (horse shows...hurry up and wait) after we arrived I tacked up and got shiny pants looking spiffy.

Best braids I've ever done.

Our warm up was...bad. He was verrrrry excited and not really listening to my aids at all. I was frustrated so after 15 min I stopped and watched a few tests. Right before my test I did a quick warm up and magically, he was phenom. Okay. Neat.

First test went well despite the stretchwork (pretty much nonexistent) and he was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Our canter departures were jumpy, our trots, forward, 10m circles, bendy, extended canter, full of energy and all  movements hella accurate. Small flaws were out stretches and extend trots. They were just okay. Overall though he was quiet, responsive and bendy. Pretty much a dream.

My ENTIRE barn congratulated me and told me he looked great and we had that in the bag.

Then we got the scores. Out of 5 people I was third with a 61%...uh? What. Okay. Fine I guess 6's are better than 4-5s/.  I don't want to speak ill of anyone but there were some SERIOUS flaws in all of their tests and I was appalled that I didn't get a better score/place better. Our head trainer and my teammate who beat me couldn't believe it. T deserved to win, her horse floats like a goddamn angel but I was still seriously upset.

Our second test was right after so I tried to shake it off. We rode a clean test, Almost the exact same as the first but with leg yields and one loops canters. He was perfect. So perfect. I can't even.

Again. 61%. Are you fucking with me judge? Like, are you serious? Last tiem I showed first level we got a 68% and a 65%, First level is EASY. Our simple change and stretch circle were bad. Okay, I get that. I think we got 5s on both. Leg yield right 6, no surprise there. Leg yeild left 7, happy with this, he was very good for that one. Extensions were both lackluster but he was behaved & engaged. We did get one 8, on our right lead one loop canter. And I got a 7 on rider both tests which has never happened since I moved to MO. Overall though pretty shitty scores and I was still upset. I got second behind my teammate in that class. Again, T deserved to win, per usual because her horse is fucking perfect and I love him.

Never once was I upset with the beast. He was round, engaged, responsive and light. Disappointing that the judge couldn't look past his TBness and score him like she did all the WBs but whatever we can't all love OTTBs I guess. 

The link to my second test video is HERE I don't start my test till 1:20 so FF to there if you want

Gah. Love him.

I just can't get over him. He's the best.

So bendy

The most bendy down centerline

Beginning of extended trot

Our "extensions"

I'm okay with this extension. Very active.

15m circle

Down centerline

Extension...sort of

15m circle

End of extension
Overall I got silver for individual and our team out of 5 teams (? I think) got the silver. My good friend (and reader) from OH got gold indiv and team with her new OTTB (OTTB love) and I'm super proud of her! They deserved it with some really great rides.

Our team and the BO (top) and my pit crew/team (bottom)

Moar cookiez plz
Very happy with my boy. Not so happy with the judge. But hey you win some you lose some.