Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eat Your Veggies

Do you ever feel like your horse isn't getting "enough"?

I've spent years perfecting Yankee's grain and feed schedule to the point where its effective and what he needs, but still affordable.

He eats 14% protein grain with min 9% fat in addition to 4 flakes of grass and 1-2 flakes alfalfa a day in winter. That decreases to 2 flakes in summer of grass and 1 alfalfa.

This has worked for us.


He needs just a liiiitle extra, in my "professional" opinion.

And by professional, I mean I know my horse and his workload and even if I feed him more grain he still wouldn't be getting that little extra he needs.

Enter Smartpak.

My all time favorite company in existence ever.

Seriously the best.

I've been a loyal customer to them for years now (probably around 9) and take great joy in using their products. Mainly, smartpaks.

They've made it much easier in the past few years to compare products and change smartpaks. SO EASY.

Every season I tweak Yankee's pak just a little.

Recently, I just played around with his "Show season" smartpak and added a few things I've never tried.

I always always have "Smarthoof" for the biotin for his feets and hair growth (seriously a HUGE difference). I don't do farrier's formula because I cannot pay an arm and a leg, thus why i LOVE the "compare"button. Helps you sort through product ingredients and decide which s best for you!

I also ALWAYS have "SmartFlex Maintenance" for his joints and tendons. A must have for any horse in work. I want longevity in my beast!

Over the winter I added "Gleam & Gain Supreme 60" and "Mirra Coat" for his coat and helping maintain his weight.

I took off Mirra coat for summer even though I always worry about his summer coat getting bleached. The ingredients were a little redundant with Glean & Gain and I wanted the high fat content vs the omega's in Mirra. I think I will add Chia seeds to his grain instead (little less  expensive) since my barn-mate has had great success with it and we can buy bulk here in town!

I added "Tract-Guard" as I always do for summertime. He has had ulcers in the past from racing and this seems to just coat his belly a little more and aid in never getting them again!

Lastly, I played around with the compare button to decide on a Vit E and Sel. supplement. In the past I've just gone with the straight Vit E and S from smartpak but with cost being an issue and the fact that his tripping doesn't occur very much anymore, I opted to choose a more all around vitamin that is chock full of good stuff. Its called "Ultra-Elite-Pro-Form" and I feel a little better about it knowing our soil and hay is not of great quality around here.

So, I have his joints (Smartflex), feets (Smarthoof), coat (Glean & Gain), and inner body (tract-guard, Ultra Elite) all covered!

Overall, I pay around $70-$88 depending on the season. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me and they're really easy to add!

Does anyone else use smartpaks? Do you love them as much as I do?!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Summer Dreaming

I have always loathed summer with a passion.

I hate sweating. My hair refuses to hair. I'm terrified of thunderstorms. And in the past 5 years it has been miserably boring since I had summers off from school and nothing to do but veg on the couch and occasionally slave at work.

Now though, since I am almost a a real adult, I've noticed more hateful feelings towards winter and the obscene cold and the effects it has on my commute. My feelings towards summer have changed. I'm beginning to become attracted to idea of it. Can I deal with the heat and humidity? Perhaps with working AC maybe.

I just want to go fishing. And swim. And back roading. And drink by the river. And lay out. And spend summer nights with friends. And wear shorts. And tank tops. And go to parks. Go on walks. Be skinny. Be tan. Be warm.

But mostly, I'm looking forward to shows.


Sure, it'll be hot and gross, but I think I can deal.

I've noticed myself daydreaming about all the horrible things about shows and LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. I've caught myself wishing I was in a truck driving endless hours down a hot highway headed to a show. Braiding at the late hours of the night. Sweating profusely on XC walks. The anxiousness before our test. The endless waiting around. The cost of hotels.


I also, of course, in true tack whore fashion, dream about updates to my already extensive collection. None of which  I NEED (with the exception of new tall boots. Srly, mine are ripped in half) but of course, WANT.

And my imaginary schedule is PACKED so far. XC schooling at the end of this month. Then a dressage show in April with Jessie. Then Longview at the beginning of May. Then Queeny. Then everything else. ALL THE SHOWS ALL OF THEM.

 Dying inside knowing how much these shows cost, but YOLO you know?

Want dis.

Anyone else ready for the fuckery that is the flip flop temps to end and all the mud, rain and hair shedding that is spring to turn the corner??

I know I am.

What are everyone's plans so far? Shows? Training goals?

P.S. Thank you for all the congrats-I am more than stoked :D