Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hopeful Lineup

Well, I looked through my Omnibus and decided on a few (lol) shows I hope to attend if funds suffice, horse is going well, and I have transportation means.

The 2010 line-up

Trail (State)-Level; Date

  • Greater Dayton(OH)-Novice refresher-urgh; May15-16
  • Maydaze (OH)-Training; May28-30
  • Spring Run (IN)-Training; June 12-13
  • [?]Training level 3-day(?); July 2-4
  • Champagne Run(KY)-Training; July 9-11
  • Gemwood(OH)-Training/Prelim[?]; July 24-25
  • Hunters Run(MI)-Training/Prelim[?]; August 13-15
  • [?] Flying Cross Farm HT(?)-Training/Prelim[?]; August 21-22
  • South farm HT(?)-Training/Prelim[?]; September 3-5
  • AEC’s (Georgia)-Training/Prelim[?]-September 9-12
  • Hagyard Team Challenge(KY)-Training- October 20-24

Website for AEC’s-

(I don’t know how to link yet, oops.)

It’s frustrating I will most likely have to take a Novice event just to referesh Yankee and myself on how to compete again. Since Grace won’t show him, I believe he has forgotten a bit how to perform in front of a crowd. Hopefully he will bounce right back and moving on to our regular level of Training will not be a difficult one.

It is nice though that the Novice Greater Dayton HT is only 20 min from my house, so not much will be spent on hotels, gas, stabling or food. WIN. The longest trek will definitely be to Michigan, 6 hours. The trip sucks, but the grounds are so gorgeous and the trial was so professionally run I will try to compete there as much as I can. My favorite thing about that place was the dressage rings-very quiet and out of the way of everything. Fantastic if you have an ADD horse like me, detrimental if you have a clingy, herd-bound horse. Kentucky is another place I enjoy just because Yankee is suuuuper familiar with the grounds, however the dressage rings are right by the warm -up which is distracting to me and my horse. I do love the Cross country. However, the Stadium rings are usually too small or mucky. Bleh. But I still love it! I’ve never competed in Indiana, so that will be a new experience!

Unfortunately I don’t think I will qualify for the Training Level 3 Day since I will only have 2 trainings before that event and we have to go double clear on both jumping phases. Difficulty. We still havent, and we did 5 T. in 2009. Yankee is frightful of spectators on XC and focuses too much on them instead of the jumps, or he knocks a rail in stadium because he gets to excited. We must work on this. I really hoped to qualify for TL3D because I think it will be a great experience to introduce Yankee and I to the format of higher level events. I can only hope! I qualified with Spirit, but we didnt get to go because of finances.

I do hope to Qualify for the AEC’s this year. I have 2 Training levels set up with a hopeful 4 Prelim’s but we first have to kill it jumping before that can happen. I will be happy to qualify for AEC’s at Training. I also qualified for these with Spirit, but again, couldn’t go because of finances.

Blast money.

Anyways, it comes down to money and my parents being willing to let me use the truck and trailer. Expenses as we all know for horse shows include but are not limited to: entry fees, stabling, food for human, hotel if preferred (myself, I’d rather set up a tent and camp out. WUSSGOOD.However if mother comes with, she usually puts us up in a hotel, something I dont have to pay for.), & gas and lessons during or before events.

I sure hope I get a good job this summer.