Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whoring and Vaca FTW

FL was wonderful. Not really rested, in fact I got sick on the last day, and am still fending it off, but it was nice to do some fun things with my family! I haven't been anywhere for a good 5 years, so this was a welcome nicety. My parents were extremely fantastic and we did all sorts of fun things! Jet skiing, Seaworld, Cocoa Beach, Pasa Grille beach, Ron Jon, Blue Fin restaurant, icebar and resort pool days!

Pasa-Grille beach in Tampa Bay

Off to dinner at Blue Fin with the famly and boy :)

Ice bar! It was 20 degrees in the bar and everything was made out of ice. Including the drink glasses! Its one of 2 in the nation, so it was pretty cool we got to go :)

Very fun vacation! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity, and am now looking forward to going to Rolex at the end of this month :D

Back to the real world though as of Friday, and my first day back at the barn was today. Like I said before, I've been pretty sick so even today I only hacked Yankee out.

ALSO, I got my Ebay purchases in the mail while I was gone! It was like Christmas. CHRISTMAS! Yay for tack whoring.

Silly pony somehow made himself a unicorn.

This is his, "Really?" face.
Also modeling the schooling pad I got for $2


Leather boots BO gave me!!

I give to you, a Charles Owen Pro II in silver that retails for $200+, that I got for $140!! FREAKING STEAL!

SO yeah. PUMPED.

In other news....I graduate in 6 weeks and begin Vet Tech school. Also I've been job hunting, which is scary. And looking for places to move to when my lease expires. And preparing for Rolex visit. And Yankees first legit show in 2 weeks.... And the thought about entering the real world in less than 6 weeks....FRIGHTENING.