Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jomping Saddle Woes

OK I tried like a bagillion freaking times to upload the dang video from a) my Droid (phone fail) b)Youtube (computer fail) and c) copying and pasting the damn URL (computer officially dumb dumb) and NONE of it is working.

So this means if you are dying to see the epic win that is me staying on my frisky TB bareback over a 3'3 oxer then please feel free to peruse my Facebook or click the "Yankee on Youtube" page up yonder.

Aight, to the meat of my tale. (teehee I'm blogging in my Finance class [taxes are depressing], I feel naughty).

Since his leg blow-up Sunday, I have been keeping him in his run/stall for about a week and it has sucked. He hates it, and I don't blame him! I tried turning him out with boots on last night but all the horses ganged up and attacked him, and cornered him and literally beat the shit out of his poor frightened self. I got a text from a girl at the barn saying she rescued him and I was quite thankful. Weird, since he' s been turned out with all of them for a month...PONYFACE JERKS!

Back to finding ample turnout inlimited space with many horse bodies.
Anyways, back to the subject.

Wednesday I attempted to ride him in dressage, but he was in a foul mood as well as stiff. He was not having it and I gave up after about 30 minutes. We all have bad days right?

Why yes that is a makeshift double bridle.

Win for pretty pictures though.

On to yesterday. I was thinking about doing a small funsies schooling jumper show saturday, or go foxhunting sunday, so I wanted to school him a bit over courses. My mom was visting so she came to the barn as well and I was hoping to show her our progress (she hasnt seen him in a year) and of course he was just a royal asshole.

I was so pissed. This was day two he was behaving abnormally horrendous.
I thought he'd work out of it, espechially since he ADORES jumping, but he just got worse and I was CONFUSED.

Never in my 6 years of ownership has he ever bucked so hard and high OR squealed so loud when I asked for transitions. It was so bad and just got progressively worse. Then he started refusing jumps, and not in his usual way. It was like, ears laid back, gnashing teeth, wiggly refusals. Usually he just drops a flithy shoulder like a punk, but this wasn't just him being annoyed, he was HURTING.

But where?

I ruled out lameness, since he rarely goes lame (funny since he was Sunday for some wack-ass reason) and is remarkably sound for a TB. I thought he might be stiff from his smaller confinement and no pasture turnout, and didnt rule that out immediately. And all his saddles should fit him just he has a gel pad underneath his saddle as well. Silly me though, didn't take into consideration that after I gave him 2 months off (basically), he lost muscle and now his stadium saddle doesnt fit him as well.

Sure enough, I took it off and the improvement was instantaneous. No more angry pony!
That solved that right quick! I hadn't ridden bareback in about a year though and DAMN his withers suck...and he was slippery and sweaty. Delightful.

But we were productive in schooling courses, albeit the slight happiness and relief he felt that he transferred into "wildy" careening around corners and giddy squeals (different from his hateful ones) while I barely hung was laughable.

So, now another decision to make. How to solve this issue.

Defiently more bareback rides when jumping (funsies) and a bit more free lunging/lunging sesh's with the training tools to help him gain muscle, and for sure some more hacks in a different saddle.

I REALLY cannot afford to buy a new saddle willy nilly and I DESPISE with the fire of a 1000 suns those stupid mattes pads everyone swears by and I refuse to buy into that sham.

For now I will stickwith bareback-ness.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Notch.

Hoh dang.
I am NOT having fun right now. I know there is a rainbow in sight somewhere...I know there is. or is it white light? Either way.
So I won't mention anything else about my life right now besides my silly pony since all of that is just one massive sob story that no one probably cares about anyways.
So, the horse.
I started taking lessons again after a 4 year break and its been SO AWESOME. I literally can't wait for the weeks to be over (crazy the semester is half over! I AM 25 SCHOOL WEEKS FROM GRADUATING!!!!!! And then I go to grad school. Wah.)...Fridays can never come soon enough!
We've been doing a ton of advanced movements but also working on a lot of the basics too that people always forget to school because fancy shit is the best, duh.
In addition to flying changes, counter canter, renver, traver and all kinds of fun lateral stuff we also have worked on rating, collection and ease oftransitions. Schooling basics ALWAYS can help more advanced things.
The lesson shave been going well and all, but Yankee is getting himself into mucho trouble out in the pasture.
The ponies run in a herd of about 5-7 depending on who goes out that day and they have I think 10 acres to prance about on. Its all very hilly and full of trees and of course, flesh destroying things.
Yankee comes in every time with bleeding wounds, bite marks and missing hair or tail...awesome dude, just make that another notch in the bedpost that is my failure.
His back legs are getting the brunt of the damage and after our lesson and turnout, on Saturday, his back legs were just absolutely wrecked. Shredded, massive and hot.
Just excellent.
Thinking the worst, I thought he blew a tendon or sheath or something outrageous and flipped.
Being the careful mom I am, cleaned, poulticed, bandaged and wrapped his pathetic looking back legs hoping he'd be fine in the morning.
He was.
BUT, I am going to have to turn him out in boots in the back from now on unless I WANT him to keep massacring his hind legs into a pulp.
I really have always thought people were stupid for booting since it makes the legs hot and things can get under them and irritate the skin, but honestly, he needs it.
Being the tack whore that I am, I have like 20 pairs of boots, I just dont know which ones would be best.
Anyone? Anyone?