Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cruel Irony

Yesterday, a few days after my last post discussing bad luck and loss, my dear grandma gained her wings in heaven.

I did not take the news well and shut down completely for a few hours.

I had just been thinking about calling her to tell her I miss her when my phone rang....

I am not very good at putting together words in times like these, so I will share my favorite picture of her and my first horse, Dolly.

13 long years ago, the day I got my first horse
Grandma played a huge part in my horsey life and always loved my horses just like I did. We shared something no one else came close to in my life-the love for horses. She grew up with belgians and told me so many stories about them. I made her tell me over and over because I loved them so much.

She was a fabulous seamstress and would fix anything my crazy ponies ripped. She defended my sassy pony to my parents when she tossed me and they threatened to sell her. She made costumes for 4H costume class at fair. She braved the heat to sit and cheer me on at shows. She came with me on my secret mission to acquire my mini horses (much to my parents dismay, later when they came home to minis in the field!). She bought my mini, Z, her first harness and cart. She cried with me when Spirit died. And when she started to lose her mobility, she still made her best effort to come to a few shows.

I will miss this woman more than I can even describe and I don't really know how else to end this but by saying I love you!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Such Luck

Tragedy seems to strike horse people more than anyone else. 

I will never understand why horses are so heartbreaking. 

Not only did eventings' Santa's Helper AND Lionheart sadly pass away, but quite a few of my friends have lost horses recently as well. As I'm sure most of you on the blogosphere know,  Mr. Red Man left this world way too soon this past week. My thoughts are with Aimee and everyone else affected by Cuna's passing. I can't even imagine the heartbreak. 

RIP big red horse, we all loved you dearly. 

In other news, I have fallen ill YET AGAIN and haven't ridden all week. It is unfortunate as we have had 3 days of beautiful warmish weather. Of course later this week it's going to get frigid, just in time for me to get better. 

I've been hangin with my main man a lot on the couch. We've watched at least 4 movies. 

Happily though, my hay barn is stocked!! I filled my spots with 28 bales of grass and 13 alfalfa. I'm one happy girl. Nothing like having a full refrigerator for your horse haha!

I promise I will be more interesting when I get better! We have big plans for this year! Later this month I'm going on vaca to Las Vegas and LA but then we jump right into showing with a few jumper schooling shows in February and hopefully Texas Rose in March!