Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glimmer of Hope?

During Valentines weekend I wet home to see my bf Alex, and he took me to go see Yankee!!!! Well, I made some pretty hard decisions based on what I felt and saw that Sunday.

  1. He wouldnt come to me in the field. WTF. He never ever has done that! EVER!
  2. He was incredibly cranky. My boy never nips, and he tried quite a few times, even when I offered his favorite peppermint treats. I was sad.
  3. He was cranky in the barn too, again he loves being brushed ad loved and all he had to give me was nasty looks.
  4. His back was super sore. I know why too and the situation wont get better.
  5. His did not want to go in the arena, this tells me he was a) sore b) tired of the arena
  6. His gaits were crap. Plain and simple. Could have been that I was riding badly because of my injury, but I ighly doubt me not being able to use my left leg made him tranter.
  7. Almost the entire ride he had his ears back. AGAIN, very unlike him

I was concerned.

So I thought long and hard for two days including many things in the equation of my thinking. I wont go into details but mostly included my injury, our season this summer, money and his conditioning and current soreness.

This led me to Lauren Stewart, a VERY good friend and rider of mine. I asked her if she would be willing to take over from Grace’s duties of keeping Yankee sound and fit. Grace recently got a new job :D but with that less time to ride my boo, and I’m CERTAIN he is sick of an arena. Yankee is so used to running around outside conditioning and stuff and not doing dressage every time he is ridden. So its time for a change. A good change.

Sometime in the first few weeks of March we are moving him to Tiffin college so Lauren can take over preparing him for our upcoming season. I’m pretty happy with our arrangement. Mother has agreed to help me out and pay all his bills for me since I am unable to work, but as soon as I get back to work I am going to take over again.

Things are looking up and I hope they stay that way!!!

My boy and I

I thought this was a cool pic of our canter

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good news, Bad news, Better news.

For those that know me, I have been shit on by fate lately with injuries.

First in August, partial severing of my left achilles tendon which put me out of action in may. It still bothers me alot, and I cant run or walk very fast still.

Then in December I was an idiot and went skiing thinking if I kept it slow I'd be ok. WRONG. Lovely tumbling, bone jarring crash. I instantly couldnt walk and was very upset since I was home for Christmas and was looking forward to riding my horse or a month. Well after only 3 times, I went and wrecked myself bad. I couldnt walk or extend my leg for two weeks straight. Rents thought I was being a big baby and shrugged it off but here almost 2 months later I still cant walk well and I am always in such terrible pain.

So I told my mom I AM GOING TO GET THIS LOOKED AT. Good decision on my part. I was scheduled for an MRI this morning and went in to get it done, feeling quite nervous...and made the mistake of drinking coffe beforehand=jitters and really having to pee. Oops. It was loud and I could actually feel the magnetic waves, twas cool.

So then I went back to MU Hospital for the consultation with my fingers crossed.

Good news, bad news.

Good news, very insignificant miniscus tear, if at all (they think it healed on its own). SO=no surgery!! Bad news, it seems I have a tibia fracture, but as long as I stay off of it I should be ok in the next 3 months. But that means crutches for 3 months. Awesome. BUUUUUUUUUT, that means I can ride in the summmmmmer!!!


I am SO relieved, like you have no idea. I was FREAKING out for a while.