Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Canter Lovelies, part I of II

So I thought for once I'd let ya in on a bit of dressage work...I know ya'll are tired of seeing me jump the same jumps, ha. But really, I ride dressage every week, I just never have the boyfriend out there to catch us in action.

Monday was all about canter work, even though he did have a good trot going...weirdly..

Yay canterwork!! And Yay for me position! Improving at the canter eh?
Awkward moment...but I swear he is engaged 
Wow the picture quality sucks...but the canter is just glorious! I can't believe how far we've come together :)

ignore my leathers are so wonky...they feel too long at this length but if I go up one hole I feel like I am in a jumping saddle.... isn't he engaged here though? He was just lovely monday!

We've been working on the counter canter pretty hard just because I think it will help him be better at the normal canter. He's pretty strong this direction, but getting him to counter canter the other way is a bit hard for him.

I have another video I will upload of some trot work, which was also abnormally good. I think its because I free lunged him in the roundpen for about 8 minutes before I got on, and he really loosened up. I never have time to do this, but I think I need to make time, since it really helps.

Also, chack out that free walk near the end! Holy cow! Watch his croup area, the muscles are actually rolling! And the overstep? Loves. OMG thats such an improvement from before! I am so happy the free walk is coming together.

Excuse my lack of wording here in my post...but I am so freakin tired and about to head to work. I've been working my buns off for the ICP clinic and at work and school...thankfully I get 5 WHOLE days off for the clinic and the 4th.

ta ta! More vids later from monday

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hackamore Tryout, ICP Clinic and The Mystery Bump

I am SO SO SO Happy with the hackamore I bought for Yanks! He is normally extremely heavy in my hands and unresponsive to the bit and sorta runs through it (during stadium), so I thought a bit of "nice bite" would make a difference!

It looks smashing eh? For $21.95 on ebay, yes it sure F-ing does!

How cute is he :)

Putting up with me taking pictures. Slowly gaining the weight back he lost from being uber dehydrated for two days...yeah,  my bad :/

As you can see, it keeps him very light in the forehand and super responsive to my aids! I think I like this MUCH better than a bit for stadium jumping.

It took me ages to adjust it perfectly for him, but it fits like a glove and I LOVE it :) I recommend it for ya'll who have horses that are naturally light, but get more downhill as the course goes on, it is worth it and you can find on ebay for cheap!

He seems to be happy with it when jumping in an arena, but I tried it on XC and he was great coming towards the jumps (lighter than usual) but flung his head every stride when galloping. He is used to leaning on my hands and I think it pissed him off that he couldn't. For XC, I am going to try a waterford.

I think the waterford will let him have something in his mouth he can chomp on, but not let him grab hold of it and lean on me so he stays light. I can't wait to try it out!

It was SO hot and muggy today....

"But mom, its sooo hot...and humid. I can't breathe!" Yeah I couldn't either. We stopped after about 12 minutes and 2 jumps throughs....we were drenched.

So, the mystery swelling...

Yeah WHAT is that (see it in the middle of his cannon, on the front)?? He isn't lame, his leg isn't hot and its his back leg. He gets these on his front legs from stomping the flies but never the back.

With the other leg for comparison (excuse the cow hocked-ness).


AAAAAND... the ICP (Instructor Certification Program) With Brian Sabo  at New Spring Farm (where I work and board)  begins on Thursday and I am in it FOR FREE! The clinic goes on for 4 days and covers dressage, flatwork for jumping, stadium and XC. Thursday-Sunday...I. AM. STOKED!!!!!

Benefits of working for/knowing Cheryl Holekamp I guess :) Full coverage WILL be given!!