Saturday, September 19, 2015

Product Review For the Broke Bitches: Piper Breeches

After JUST posting about How To Post, I get a "lucky break" in my day when I woke up to a flat tire (MY SECOND OF THE WEEK THANKS UNIVERSE) and couldn't go workout or ride, which gives me approximately 30 minutes to do this review I've been wanting to do for ages now on aforementioned Piper Breeches.

it is no secret that riding is expensive. The horse is expensive. The facilities are expensive. Horse care is expensive. You need expensive tack. And also you need "riding clothes" to ride said expensive horse in expensive tack at expensive facility.

You get the gist.

I have never been one to truly care about my riding attire.

Like at all.

After paying for everything else, clothes specifically made for riding were last on my list of things to buy.

You can catch me 3/5 times riding in $6 leggings from walmart, or actual sweatpants and a nasty old T shirt from middle school.

That being said, it doesn't mean I dont appreciate or lust after nice clothes.

I am a girl. A horse girl, but still a girl.

FITS have been #1 on my list forever, but the price I literally can never justify. Along with how ridiculously hard it is to size my weird body, I will continue to just lust after them.

Second on my list was Pipers. I had heard nothing but good things about them, but at like $90 something I still was like ehhhhhhh, no.

Then they went on sale.

This bitch loves sales and will buy things on sale even if I shouldn't...because SALE.

So I bought a pair on a whim. I really do like full seats for jumping and NONE of my fullseats fit me.  Like at all. They all sag in the crotchal region and just fall down and look awful and NO. Pipers were fire on the models on the site. So cute, yes please. And colors, SO MANY COLORS.

So brace yourself for a LOT of selfies. Most of them taken of snapchat, so I'm sorry. 
First off, I literally had no clue what my size was because I'm usually a medium and they're like, waist size, inseam size, length blah blah, I got lost after waist.

So I guessed.

It was a wrong guess, so I had to send them back and wait on another pair. First world problems.

Then the glorious day came and I got them in the mail!

I tried them on immediately and...didn't like them. WHOMP WHOMP.

First thoughts 1) really tight-how will I get in a saddle 2) these sag too, fuck 3) really thick, its summer and 90* wtf 4) these would be cute AF if I didnt have a huge ass

Second thoughts upon closer inspection, they are REALLy well made. The material seems like it would last a long time and I love the stitching.

Also, the leg doesn't have that horrible elastic near the ankle, instead its this super thin mesh material that is really amazing.

Also also, I realized I was trying to wear them like hip huggers. Either I'm built really weird or these arent meant to be worn like that because as soon as I hiked them up and belted them there, they didnt sag. The first time I rode in them I was like seriously what the actual fuck, these suck.

The fuck is this bulge doing here?

As for riding review...not meant for summer. Holy hot AF. The material is quite thick IMO and I sweat more than usual in them. And they do.not.breathe at all. Essentially I was dying in them with tall boots on.

These would be excellent for fall or winter though. So the search continues for summer full seats.

Also, like I said before, they were REALLY tight when I first put them on. However, after riding in them once they seemed to mold and stretch a little and they were pretty nice after that. I still dont think I could hang out in them all day, or even a few hours, like I could my cheap schooling breeches, but thats OK I guess. I do like all the jiggliness being sucked in while flopping around on top of my horse, but I do appreciate comfort as well.

I'm not a huge fan of the pocket either. Handy for unmounted business, but while in the saddle literally nothing will stay in the damn pockets. Which would be useful for hacks.

As for the full seat, I like it. The material isnt so thick it gives you that weird "four buttcheeks" look from slicing your ass in half with the hem, but it still functions as a grippy seat.

Overall if I had to make up a random score, I would give a 7/10 due to the thickness of the material, needing a belt to stay in place, slight discomfort over long periods of time, as well as the retail price.

If they go on sale again I might buy a different color, but for now, as a broke bitch, I will stick with my Kerrits pull on jods and walmart leggings and keep the Pipers for special occasions. Not worth paying full price, but nice enough to splurge on very occasionally.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Surprise Surprise

I sound like a broken record. 

I literally don't know how you all do this. 


With lives. 

Everyday or semi everyday. 

I have enough time (barely) to sleep, make my lunches, gym, work & ride. That's it. 

Boarding has helped tremendously. 

I've ridden almost every other day, which is fucking fabulous. We look like shit because each of us has taken a solid amount of time off (like holy shit, we are weak AF), so please disregard position and things. 

I just haven't had time to blog about it, because, you know, adulting.  (It's also not horribly interesting because I am currently working on both of us getting our strength back. Which is a lot of slow, annoying work and little bit of more of tasty complicated work, tossed in like bacon bits on a salad. Think of the long and slow work like lettuce. Necessary & good for you, but evil.) 

Like, I finally put my laundry away. This hasn't happened in literal months. It usually lives in rotating piles of cleanliness or filth. 

Don't even want to mention the pile of bills I acquired from hospitalization that haunt my dreams. 

But I still want to blog, just haven't been able to. 

don't know if it's just me, but it takes me almost a full hour to write one post that I'm satisfied with. And I have several on deck that need to be written, which translates to several hours of writing, formatting and getting pictures on said posts. 

It's a pain in the ass honestly. 

I can do so from work when it's slow, but only from my phone, due to internet restrictions. And I HATE the formatting from mobile blogger. It's also harder to write & make it flow/sound okay, on a tiny screen. 

So my question to you all is, how the frick do you do it?? Live lives, do things and still find the time to write beautiful, well thought out, lovely everyday