Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ermahgherd jerhmps

For the first time in what seems like a 1000 years, I dusted (literally) off the jump standards and made my creaky bones set up a small, but fun, course in the indoor-since the outdoor was unfortunately still a hot mess.

Yankee has had about a month and half off, not consecutively, but overall quite a chunk of time. Since I've returned from my road trip I've ridden the beast almost everyday. We started off slowly with lunging and some hacks but rapidly moved right back into full training. I doubt I will do Texas Rose due to lack of funds, but I plan on riding in William Woods jumper show at the end of the month. Ver excite. 

Without T. R. I don't think our first USEA show will be until May- but that will give me some time to train, go XC schooling and save some dollhairs for showing expenses. Fingers crossed Yankee doesn't need injections or get random cancerous tumors again. 

I digress. 

My BFFFL, known as Jackie, came around, as she seems to do when we bust out the jump tack ;) Miss Isis has been off most of winter thanks to a sloppy outdoor at her barn so I happily let her hop on yanks and twerk whenever she wants. 

Our goal for the night was just to get the rust off all our jumping bones and see how he was handling it. 

Quite well it turns out. Almost too well. He was an asshole for the first 20 minutes of the ride and attempted some half hearted bucks and fence charges...

But dat tail doh 

Fast thoroughbred is fast. 

Luckily nothing fazes the Jackie and she straightened him right up with one halt in a corner, back up and canter from halt. And he was like "oh, she's serious. I guess I'll behave for human".

She put him through his paces with some nice rollbacks and kept him right on track to jumping like he's supposed to. Love her!

Rollbacks for days

Then I hopped on, uncharacteristically more nervous than usual. 

I concentrated reaaaalllly hard on not jumping ahead. Which was good for the most part..however, for the life of me, yanks usually jumps me out of the tack. Not sure if upset, or okay with it. 

Grrr! At least Yankee makes up for my fail with his boss moves. 

I don't think we jumped higher than maybe 3'6 maaaaaybe 3'9 but my dumb brain still forgot how to ride. My solution was to look at he rafters when approaching the jump. Something I DONT recommend  trying on a green horse, but Yankee knows his job and knows me and I trust him. I've jumped him many times with my eyes closed to help me with my jumping ahead issue and it's actually beneficial!

I think it helped a little, but in the long run I need to work on my muscle memory. 

I gave him the day off today to recover but tomorrow plan on either another small jump school or a flat session. 

Love being back riding! Hope everyone is thawing out :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Facebook Official

I'm not quite sure if everyone who follows my blog knows that I art. Not only is it one of my 3 jobs (I teach painting and get people wasted), but I also art for fun! 

In college I got a minor in fine arts and specialized in drawing and paint media. I've never done anything with that (except it may or may not have made a difference in me getting hired at my place of employment) .....until now. 

...I have an announcement to make.

I am in the works of getting a business license to make and sell customized artwork. The process is halfway completed, with Etsy and Facebook pages made, but not activated. I'm still thinking on a name since I CAN and will do pieces that are not strictly equine. 

I'm hoping that this new adventure will pad my income level and thus allow me to show my damn beast. 

I know I've had requests for months building up among readers and I do apologize that I haven't finished anything. I work 70 hrs a week between 3 jobs, my horse is on self care and I have to sleep at some point. 

With this license I'm hoping it will give me time to ACTUALLY complete commissions, since my end goal is to only have two jobs, my business being one of them. 

So stay tuned!!