Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weather, You Are Drunk.

So just as it was getting gorgeous outside and I was getting in the mood to ride and Yankee got all bedder, the weather decided to eff all the shit up and make it unbearable to go outside.

I have sweaty boobs. This is not okay.

But really.

Like, once it gets below freezing at night, all critters internal temperatures change...including mine. Horses hair grows long, people put on sweaters and boots, inhale hot beverages and liquid dinners, and curl up on the couch at night with doggies and stuffs to stay warm.

The weather goes to a bar and gets as drunk as freshman frat boys at a keggar.

And its all like, "HERRO I'm the weather and I'm here to fuck your world by being blazing hot outside just as your body was getting used to the cold. MWAH HAHAHA."

We are all miserable.

I just want to ride.

And wear sweatpants.

Weather is not done being wasty pants though.

So then, after these next two days of upper 80s it supposed to drop to 45...for like a solid 4 days. I guess weather will be very hungover from its binge drinking session.


I almost questioned the purchase of a second turn out for the pony yesterday. Cuz, you know, I don't need to eat or anything. But it is absolutely necessary to have a back up turn out. We all know this.

Don't worry guys. I got this kick ass blanket for $40. Retails for $200+

 YEAH. I win today.

(Sorry no pictures....blogger must also be drunk because it refuses to upload them)