Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boss Jump Practice

Disappointed in your lack of comments, readers. How else am I to keep from spiraling into depression besides drinking on occasion? Constant reassurance, duh.

Sunday was a magnificently windy day that began perfectly with a heavy dose of horses. I never mind having to clean 10 stalls, and feed 21 horses every Sunday. In fact, I find it calming, stress relieving and productive.


During the time frame I was at the barn [7am-1pm], there was a dressage clinic in process. Wick Hotchkiss was teaching; she is a Grand Prix dressage rider and the daughter of the BO. I stopped to watch my friend Hannah ride her monster, Pronto and snapped a few shitty pics for her. For a half Perch,, he sure is a beast in dressage. That horse has some sick lateral work and is lighter than most WBs/TBs I see these days. Frickin love that horse.

Even when he misbehaves, he is still light. Does that not look like the beginnings of a piaffe?

After I watched Hannah's lesson, I finished up chores and waited for Jackie to arrive. We set up a really tight course, which you will see in the video, with aims to practice rollbacks, distances, controlled speed and 3'6-3'9 height.

Yankee was wonderful in warm-up. All this riding is really doing him good. Just take a look...

Self carriage?!! I do believe so! Good pony.

So without further words, here is the video of our awesome course practice.

Yankee was so ON Sunday. I wasn't so much. In fact, it was like I hadnt jumped in ages. Oh wait. It has been over a month.

Ponyface was a star though and took everything like it was NOTHING. I even gave us a HORRIBLE distance to the triple bar and he gave the most herculean effort I've ever seen...

His feet are literally at the base of this jump. GOD, I was awful. Look at my face! He tried to bunny hop this, and sadly missed. My bad, superpony. He's so forgiving though, and took the next one like a champ. I remember when I would screw up and ruin his confidence...no more!

Other than that huge mess up, I was mostly good. I just had to remember to keep my shoulders back and not jump ahead. Jackie was a big help, since she comes from 4ft jumper background. I found that hilarious, since I am the owner and she leases. She knows her shit though and I WANT her input, since she was right :)


He was overjumping everything. I know this horse could do 4ft, easy.

I'm pretty sure Yankee is a boss. Myself, on the other hand, needs to jump more and work on that EQ.

After that, I'm feeling more than confidant that Yanks can  handle what he gets thrown at William Woods. Speaking of, I've never been to a FRIDAY show for one, and for two, one that starts at 4PM? Say whaaaaaaa.