Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Was Obsessed With TBs Before It Was Cool

Ever since my 4 year old brain knew horses existed, I have been absolutely smitten with the thoroughbred.

Before I knew what breeds were, I knew I loved those giant shiny beasts that galloped down the track. And I wanted one. Bad.

Then I got older and learned how to read. Along with Harry Potter, I read the "Thoroughrbed" series. Yes, it was a thing. Magical, if you will. It followed a girl named Ashleigh and her career as a jockey then branched off to her daughter and all their friends with the thoroughbreds.

It was decided. I would have a TB someday.

Then for my 10th b-day I got a bratty little bitch pony named Dolly and I loved her more than anything. She did anything I wanted-with attitude. She taught me everything there was to know about horses and ownership. Especially how to sit a buck. But she was no TB.

As I slowly outgrew her, I began looking for an actual horse. I begged my parents to let me get a TB, but no, they're too expensive.

One day, I found an ad in the classifieds (YES THE NEWSPAPER) for an Anglo-Arab. My horse obsessed 12 year old mind instantly snapped back to the articles and pictures I had seen of AA jumping grand prix and I latched on to the idea that he would be mine. Half a TB is better than none right?

After much begging harassing, I convinced my parents and I became the proud owner of a half TB. (Spirit, the Wonder Pony, RIP).

Soon though, as any child does, I grew. And grew and grew some more.

I sadly had outgrown my two wondrous ponies (I still owned Dolly too) for sure this time and was on the prowl for a bigger horse.

Wiser and older at 14, I schemed. This was my moment. My time.

TBs are big. I was told I could get a big horse.


But I knew my parents didn't want to spend a whole lot on a new horse, since I already had a collection and you know how horses are....expensive.

So with my little knowledge of the world wide web, I logged onto my dial up with a mission. Find. Thoroughbred.

So in this google thing I typed "cheap racehorse" and somehow stumbled upon New Vocations.


I prowled. And I found.

I found the Yankee.


Instantly, and literally mean literally instantly, I was in love. Love at first sight. Head over heels. Had to own. Must acquire.

It took all of 2 days to convince my mother that this was the horse for me. Not only was he big, black and beautiful but he was CHEAP. She fell in love too. NO CONVINCING NEEDED.

We went and saw him the next day, swooned hard and came back later to pick him up.

It all happened so fast that my dad was a little confused about how and when a 3rd horse appeared in his yard.

Where is this all going, you ask?

Where my years of loving, dreaming, obsessing and riding Thoroughbreds has gotten me.

I feel like I've loved them before anyone else, and I know its not true, but the popularity of the OTTB in particular has exploded in the last 5 years. 3 girls at my barn have them now ( I blame Yankee and his charm ;)), all the event riders want them and they're all anyone seems to be talking about in my sport, especially on insta and twitter.

While in the past (after aquiring Yankee) I continued to stalk OTTBs, I have been avoiding New Vactions page as of late because I am broke.


On that fateful day in February though, I logged on and first thing I saw was an advert to become an ambassador. The deadline was in a week and I was like, UH THIS IS ME. I talk OTTB constantly to anyone who will listen...I needed this in my life.

A few of you asked what my secret video was about. I didn't want to tell anyone in case we didntt get it, but I was applying to be the 2014 National Eventing New Vocations Embassador.

Mediocre video aside, they apparently liked my submission because I WAS SELECTED TO REPRESENT THE OTTB IN THE SPORT OF EVENTING.


I almost peed my pants with happiness because I thought I was taking a shot in the dark and didn't have a chance.

Now we get tons of OTTB swag and we get to OFFICIALLY rep the OTTB at shows around the midwest. (As well as share photos and videos on their page and write blog posts for NV)

I. Am. So. Pumped about this opportunity and cannot wait to start!

More than a decade owning my big beautiful boy and I get to brag, officially, about how amazing he really is.