Tuesday, August 1, 2017

No News is Not Good News

Hello, it me, absent blogger and failed equestrian extraordinaire!

Not really sure how to start this post, so I guess I will get right into it.

Some of these things are for sale; hint; its not the human
I’ve been absent for some time online due to a myriad of reasons, mostly due to the heartbreak of selling Bacardi, zero tolerance for online hags and drama with my lease involving my dearest Yankee.

Now that I ended those shenanigans in the best interest of my horse,  I’ve come here to shamelessly spread news through the interwebs with one of the largest and (generally) supportive horse communities I know- you all!

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, this is not news to you, but Yankee is for sale. His lease was not working out, and I unfortunately do not have the time or money with finishing two masters degrees, a full time professional job, needing a new car because  mine is literally dying and a massive influx of medical bills, to keep the OG. Such is life, right?

Some answers to FAQ: yes, I am literally devastated. My heart is fucking broken and nothing will ever fix the tatters. No, I am not OK. Please stop asking me. Yes, I have basically cried every night since I made the decision 2 weeks ago. His lease ended dude to reasons concerning his own safety & well being. Yes, you can DM me about it. He’s priced reasonably for a quick sale BECAUSE I AM BROKE AS SHIT, OK?

In other news, Bacardi is for sale again too, due to no fault of his own (literally) and I am basicallyinshambles over the fact that daddy's money doesn’t pay my bills and I can’t afford this lifestyle & I can't buy him back and keep BOTH of my dream horses. First world problems, amirate.

Kindly fuck off if you have anything rude to say, I’m in mourning and I literally have no time for bullshit. I just want to find the perfect home for my heart horse (and Bacardi, again) so if you or someone you know is looking for LITERALLY the sweetest, most wonderful, honest, badass, trustworthy, hard working TB on the market, send them my way & I'll send them Yankee. Link at bottom of post.

Crawling back in my hole now, TTFN.