Sunday, October 6, 2013

A New Baby

I posted a while back that I was on the hunt for a new trailer.

I had this wild scheme in my head that I would sell Big Sexy (truck), my car, and my big ass horse trailer for a compact, yet high powered SUV and lightweight 2 horse trailer.

It was a good plan.

Fast forward 4 months to present day where I made even bigger plans to move and still hadn't found a trailer.

My budget was $5k. I needed a lightweight 2 horse. I didn't care if it had a tack room. Bumper pull. No rust. But didn't have to be new. Oldest I wanted was a 2006. reasonable I thought.

4 months of searching...nothing.

What I WANTED was something like this....

what I could find under my budget in the midwest...

...okaaay. Option numéro dos. Ship Yankee and buy a trailer in Florida. Surely I could find one for under 5k. There are more horse people there, thus more selections. Right? Yeah.

Delusionally I was like, yeah yeah yeah good plan. Shipping a horse 1000 miles can't be more than like...$600, right?


I was quoted by 7 different companies and none gave me an estimate less than $1, 200. If they even made it my way (Missouri) at all.

How silly of me.

Back to square one.

aaaaand nadda. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Ah, well. lightbulb. Look in the states around me. Duh.

Oh nothing still? Neat.

Then I get a call from my mom. She found me one in Ohio (where I am originally from). Knowing my moms aptitude to pick out shitty horse things I begrudgingly asked for pictures...and was mildly surprised....

...I texted her back. "I'm buying it. Today. Can you go pick it up for me and make the exchange?"

"Done and done"

Love her. (^thats me. I was literally doing that at work. It wasn't awkward at all)

And then I was like I have to DRIVE to go get it.

I wasn't thinking on that end. Now I have to get my shifts 3 different jobs covered fri, sat and sun of any given weekend. I can't RO because the max amount of people have RO'ed for the next 5 weekends..I work every weekend and I want to get it before the snow comes. I don't think you understand how hard it is to get 5 shifts covered. All of them. All. I also have to get someone to feed my horse for 3 days and that is like pulling teeth...(I even PAY people and they're like...nooo..and I'm like, YOURE ALREADY GOING TO BE AT THE BARN TAKE MY MONEY)

But magically, this weekend, everyone was thirsty and I got my shifts covered in less than 6 hours. Also, the girl I trade feedings with on some days was willing to feed the pone. Um...

And thats the story of my new(ish) baby.