Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whoah Dudes

Trying to stay positive...but with all of you buying new ponies, having wonderous adventures, competing in the AEC's and all that jazz...I'm having a hard time because that is all I want to do...not be working my ass off at minimum wage jobs, barely paying my bills..lusting after shows I can't attend.

I won't beat around the bush...

Yankee for lease again....tell your friends about my badass!

He's pretty legit.

Also Y U NO READ MY POSTS bloggerz!?  Blogging traffic is dead these days.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


You know what my least favorite part about living in MO is?

Not living back at home with my OWN barn with my OWN rules and no cryptic bitches lurking in the depths of judgement valley.

I've about had it with the melodrama and finger pointing.

Please excuse the expletive filled rant you might be about to read,  but after a recent incident where I arrived in the morning to see my stall got soaked because of an overnight storm and a leaky roof, and words like "ridiculously neglectful and irresponsible" were thrown about, I lost my shit.

I will tell you guys one thing, I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy....oh, sorry, mean girls quote there. But apparently grown ass women are reliving their high school days picking on people who have different values, schedules and income than they do.

I will FULLY admit, I am forgetful and spastic. I don't always rake every bit of hay up off the ground. I might leave a brush on a bench. I forget to bring my saddle pads in after they are drying sometimes. I don't feed super early in the morning. I leave my lunge line on a chair in the arena on occasion. But I make damn sure that my horses' stomach is full, he has clean water, his stall gets cleaned, his feet get done, cuts get ointment, fungus gets treated, coat brushed, kisses planted and he knows he is loved more than anything else in this world.

Yeah, I feed my horse everyday at 9AM, but who gives a flip? Sure, I feed him at 6:30PM every night, but WTF, who cares anyways. Oh, because YOU (or the barn worker) feed your horses at 6-7AM, and 4PM, I am the bad person here? Please excuse me for having a different schedule than you. Oh my god, I ONLY clean his stall once a day?! Jesus Christ, the world just might end. And holy shit, I only buy grain TWO bags at a time? Excuse me for being monetarily challenged and not being able to buy my grain in bulk or pay $400/mo for full care board. And lord almighty, PLEASE forgive me for not having time to ride him least he isn't stuck in his stall 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365.

For fucks sake I care more about that horse than I do for myself. He eats before I do. He has been on a regular farrier schedule. He has a nicer winter coat than I do. I have NEVER neglected to do anything for that horse. Ever.

I am just SO TIRED of people judging ME for not being a tightwad, spastic old lady about my horse care regimen. People think horses are so fucking delicate that they have to be babied and never turned out, but guess what crazies, my horse is FINE and he has the same schedule every damn day. In fact, I bet he is happier than any of your horses who are stuck inside all day. And to note, he is shiny, dappled and FAT. Is that a sign of a neglected horse? I don't think so.

Boarding barns are unnecessarily full of drama. WHY do people not realize everyone has their own ways of doing things, and as long as the horses are in good health and happy, there shouldn't be any problems among boarders.

Do you guys feel that sometimes people are just too uptight about things? Am I not uptight enough?

 I mean, I know my horse care rules, and I have yet to have one die on me...or even colic. And I'm pretty sure after 12 years of horse ownership and full responsibility for over 10 horses in my life, I think I know at least a little bit of what I'm doing by now.

But please, to whom it concerns, feel free to continue to judge me for things you don't understand, but this looks like a happy horse to me....