2016 Goals


    2016 GOALS:


     1. 2-3 USEA shows. Start with BN. Don’t get eliminated on XC. ---Did one show, trainer rode, TE in stadium lmao
     2.  1 schooling show a month--So far sort of good, once we got the shoe situation figured out
3.  Jump a 3’6 course in competition--not quite yet, WIP
     4.  Jump 3’9 once--Not quite yet, got to 3'3, WIP
     5. Jump a training corner successfully---Kind of changed disciplines...
     6. Jump a combination line to skinny successfully--DONE, in stadium
     7. Conquer water complexes--DONE, schooling
     8. Get clean single changes--DONE
     9 Begin Renver/Traver--DONE! WIP
    10.  Clean leg yields (straight/no head tossing)--WIP!
    11.  Quite turn on forehand (no head tossing)--DONE
    12.  Define difference between Medium and extended trot--WIP
    13.  Learn 3 new tricks---not quite yet
1  14. Compete in a rated show--Not quite yet, November!


      1. Keep life perspective &; try to show gratitude at every turn WIP
      2. Obtain a pay raise --DONE
      3. Maintain a 3.0 GPA for my 1st year of grad school--So far so good
      4. Clean out my email in box (holy 4,000 emails!)--WIP
      5. Learn SOME Spanish--guacamole
 6. Add $2,500 to savings (not 401K, personal savings) (also LOL)--HAHAHAH
      7.  Squat 200 lbs (45lbs away!) WIP
      8.  Deadlift 275 (65 to go!) WIP
      9. One strict pull-up ( no assistance) DONE
     10.  Run 3 miles without stopping DONE
     11.  Complete a Tough Mudder DONE x2
     12.  Pay off medical bills ALMOST there
     13.  Get another tattoo WIP

    2015 GOALS:

     1. Lateral work

-->PASS?  We first had to work on not having meltdown when leg was applied. Getting over things slowly. I wont mention the massive meltdown he had yesterday (idiot!) when I asked him to move over in the crossties. I will say his halted “lateral work” has improved tenfold under saddle. Forward lateral work under saddle is still a struggle. Progress? 

    2. Proper carriage

-->PASS. I cant even begin to describe the hurdles we have overcome with this. It was a slow start to the year, broken up by everything under the sun, but I can fully say YES this was achieved.

    3. Canter departs

-->PASS.  Again, rocky and slow beginning. But at this time, MOST canter departs are smoothe and without flailing around like he’s dying. I consider this a success.

    4. Tentative flying changes

-->PASS.  This was my only “fancy”  riding goal and he somehow came to me with the basics of flying changes already nailed in his weird head. Under the flailing, tantrums, bolting and hollowness that was his canter for several months, there were actual real flying changes in there. I tried to leave them alone for the most part since this is a more “upper level” thing, but it was fun to poke with on a good day. I would say theres a 75% success rate at this time. Rarely does he give me attitude, just doesn’t change behind.  In time. 

Show Goals:
1.   April schooling show debut
2.   May schooling shows
3.   June USEA show debut
4.   End of year USEA show

Well. FAIL. None of this happened. None. Sure, we did a SINGLE schooling show in December..sure, I took him to a USEA event as a NC, but nope, did not do a single thing all year.  Its okay. I’m regrouping, we spent some time here and there working on fundamentals and we will charge headfirst into 2016 (but without causing head trauma).

2015 Personal Goals were as follows:

      1. Gym: at least 3x's a week, stick to WODs, motivate thyself however possible

-->PASS....kind of. For the most part, this was easy to do. I enjoy Crossfit and pride myself on being fit. The community helps motivate me and I actually look forward to working out at my Box. Sadly, I was injured/sick WAY too much and some weeks/months this did not happen. I will still count this as a win, since injuries and sickness usually should not and cannot be worked through at the gym.
2. Food: no more than 2 "eat-out" meals a week, drink all the water & don't get bored with meals and cheat

-->Actual PASS here. I was so strict with my diet this year. I fell off the wagon the last 3 weeks but ITS FINE. In case anyone wonders, I am “half-Paleo”. Meaning I try to eat non-processed foods M-F & Sunday.  This means real food, not packaged. But I don’t count calories or any of that dumb shit. I just eat balanced meals with real food. Saturdays are for eating whatever I want. BRING ON THE FRIES. Drinking water is still difficult. Working on that.

3. Alcohol: Saturdays only

-->PASS. IF I drank at all, literally was never on any other day than a Saturday. Go me. This was not hard though, my party hardy days are more than over. I maaay have drank a mimosa or had one beer on a Friday or Sunday, but that’s not “drinking”. If I don’t get buzzed doesn’t count right?

4. Riding: 4x's week. Lateral work (forward, straight), Transitions (esp UP), introduce baby grids

--> PASS?FAIL? Who knows…this is hard to narrow down. Again, thanks to injuries I wouldn’t say we consistently rode 4 times a week. And until September, didn’t really have a nice place TO ride, and once we moved, we still had some injuries and sickness to work through. Whomp whomp.

5. Horse stuff: learn how to make polos, quarter sheet, tack box (and make them), actually clean my tack and attach tags to said tack

-->Well. I cleaned my tack more? FAIL.  But I obtained lots of polos and a quarter sheet…

6. Non-horse stuff: start to learn spanish, travel savings account, organize music, make Etsy better, art more

-->Horrible, tragic, 100 % FAIL. I didn’t do a single one of these things.



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