Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colbert Piaffe's

I pretty much died while watching this.

Though, a passage is not "sideways prancing" as we all know.

But it was still really funny.

Check the video out here

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Exceptionally Positive I'm Bipolar

...About riding, the weather, how fat I feel and such that is. Or maybe the WEATHER is bipolar and it seriously effects my productivity.

After my RAH RAH post about getting back on my horse, I had a meltdown and decided I was no longer going to ride...pretty much ever (see depressing FB status on July 25). And I changed my mind again. And again again. And now after watching the BAMFs in the Olympics, I decided I was going to the next one in 2016. And then it got hot again.

My poor pony.

Luckily I HAVE decided that I'm not going to stop riding for good, and once I get a solid, oh SIX paychecks under my belt and my finances taken care of, I will "start" showing again in September. 

I say "start" because really that is the end of the season for MO, but there are a few nice jumper and CT shows nearby that are reasonably cheap that would be fun to do. Chesterfield has an amazing Jumper show at Ridgefield that I am absolutely going to do on the 22nd of Sept. I MUST.


In the meantime, with the new jobs, classes beginning (hell weeks in CoMo) for students and fall settling in, I hope (crosses fingers jobs and laziness don't prevail) that I can do one jump sesh a week, one hack and one dressage school. I feel like I can do 3 rides a week. Not hard.

Especially once the weather settles its crazy ass down and gets back to normal temperatures I feel I will be wildly successful.

I gave my dressage saddle to Jackie to borrow till she gets her own so we shall dressage in jump tack! RAH! I can't believe I SHOWED eventing in jump tack for years. I only aquired a dressage saddle about 5 years ago.

Anyways, here is a sweet picture of all the ribbons I've won with the ponyface in Eventing and dressage. Didn't realize how many!