Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh Hey Summer Heat Didn''t See Ya There

As I prepare for the first round of travels to Ohio, I do believe I might die of  water loss due to sweat.

I packed all my life into boxes, taped them up and loaded them into my horse trailer...all in like 90* heat. It. Was. Terrible.

Also, for a college grad, I sure have a lot of shit. The boxes take up both stalls, top to bottom...YEESH.

 Really though, Missouri is ridiculous. Just a week ago I was riding Miss Isis for Jackie and thought I was going to catch pneumonia from the chills.

I really am going to miss my Missouri family! Not only my college & work friends, but my horse friends. Back home I have ZERO. They've all moved on or are hours away.

No one to ride with. No one to take daily pics of my OTTBs. No one to share barn drama gossip. No one to hit the trails makes me a bit sad.

I rode Isis for the last time and OF COURSE we fully clicked like magic. OF COURSE.

 Almost 2 years later and the horse and I finally get each other. That would happen.

She was such a good mare. Normally we fight the whole time because she gets displeased with certain contact and I never fully understood. No horse I've ridden was so touchy and it was so frustrating to me. She's very...picky.

I  can't really say what changed in our ride last week but she was amazeballs. Soft, round, forward and she jumped like a boss for me!



Such a good mare

Mad hops right? She gonna go places someday in the jumper ring, I tell ye what.

Really gonna miss dat supahstah marsie. Especially now that we figured each other out.

Now I am just ready to have these two adorable dollfaces in my backyard. MAY 29TH HURRY UP DAMN.

Here's to a long ass drive tomorrow!