Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Riding Updates...Sort of

Master study, pen

Racehorse, gave to my boss

Still life, project for school

Dapple gray jumper, for Jackie

As I sit here drinking my Bud Light Platinums, I was overcome with the strong desire to makeover my blog and catch up on my lack of posting. Also, I've been drawing ^

But I sort of forget all that happened this week.

This happened.

Bath time was not very fun since it was 50 degrees. The water was about 33 degrees...yeeeah.

Yankee was mysteriously lame Sun-Tues and I blamed Pronto for it. However, he got over it and Jackie had some amazing coursework with him on Tuesday?

They were basically boss.

We are prepping for the Jumper show on Friday of this week. I havent done a lick of dressage for over a week, but I'm pretty sure Yankee isn't complaining.

I plan on jumping in the 3'9 division while Jackie is going to "warm him up" in the 2'3 division, 2'6 pairs division & 3'3 division. I'm pretty stoked because the show grounds are only 30 minutes (most places are 2-6 hours away since I live in the BF of no where) away and each class is $15! Plus, no braiding. WINNING.

Thursday? Jackie BEASTED Yankee over a 4 ft oxer...

Uhhh, yeah. Yankee is awesome. So is Jackie. I love her.

You can't tell, but she is doing this one with the turtle backpack.

I'd say Yankee is more than ready for the show Friday.

I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure I'm drunk-ish and this post is not really following an idea of any kind. Mostly just rambling.

Video stills from the 3'3-3'6 course

RAWR-ing over the corner.

Basically to sum it up....

This week has been hell. Yankee has been a boss, minus the 3 mystery lame days. Jackie is the best lessee ever. I cant wait for the show.

Oh also, I won 2 things on Ebay. A brown dressage girth for my jumping saddle and leather jumping boots for showing. So I can match.

I apologize for randomness.