Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lunging Queen

I apologize in advance as I am posting from my phone, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

I've been a really terrible horse mom in the last 7 days but I have notoriously bad "times of the month" and legit become useless for about 4 days while my body is trying to make me lose the will to live. 

Therefore, Bacardi barely gets ridden. I did lunge a few times because that's better than nothing, but I'm tired of it and I'm sure he is too. 

Not to worry, riding resumes tonight and we have plans for a photo shoot/schooling sesh over some jumps tomorrow! 

With all that TMI aside, Bacardi has continued to be a total doll face despite his human being lazy and only lunging. 

"Hello I am handsome feed me treats now slave girl". 

Lately, we've been working on transitions and balance through all the gaits, as well as remaining calm. I know this seems simple, but in the last when B has been weak and lost balance instead of just gathering himself, he would freak out and bolt. 

None of that is happening anymore. 

To make it a little spicy the other days, I added some poles in the mix. 

Again, in the past this has been out of the question. To say he would throw a tantrum is putting it lightly. Explosions of epic proportions is more accurate, because as we all know, poles are ankle munching death traps for horses and should be avoided. 

I kept good faith, knowing how well he has been doing lately and began. 

He did spook at them a for a few rounds, glancing sideways or determining mid stride they might eat him...

...However, he recovered quickly and went right back into a lovely trot after each mini spook. 

This. Is. Huge. 

Previously, he would bolt, and never recover enough to even continue. Think sweating, wild eyed, prancing, nervous, tense, wound up ball of fear. And now, to come back down within seconds was a huge step for baby B and I wasn't even mad. 

After a few sticky rounds each way (avoiding or missing the distance) he REALLY settled and gave me some brilliant effort. 

I am in love with all of this. Like. LOOK AT MY HORSE. Look at 'em. 

I kept the pole session super short, maybe a total of 20 min on the lunge and called it a day. I try to keep lunging sessions short anyways, but ending on a good note is always my goal too. I was sorely tempted to make them cavaletti, but that's for another day. 

I couldn't have been happier with the effort Bacrdi gave me. He looks truly engaged and relaxed. 

Yay for learning! 

"Was I good? Can I have treats now?"