Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jomping Feets

Finally back in the swing of things. Motivated. Steady job. Plans made......after the show season ends. Whats wrong with me D:

Pushing that thought aside, Emma and Yankee did some boss work over a tricky gymnastic set yesterday. Yankee was having a blast and Emma was doing a really good job sitting quiet and eating him figure the grid out himself. This is as high as the set got, but we ran through it maybe 10-15 times at lower height.

The setup was 3 raised trot poles, x-rail bounce, baby vertical bounce, 1 stride, 1 stride, 2 stride to oxer.
For your viewing pleasure. (Also, weather is drunnk again, it was 75 after being being 40 for a few solid days.)

I just love his enthusiasm!! His feeds are just the cutest, he bounds over the jumps!

In this pic, he's basically taking huge canter stride


Look at his ears! He's so happy to be back in the swing of things I think :)

He's like, so ancy to jump!!

Beasting out the bounces like a boss. Yay alliteration.

And this one, is my favorite of the day...PERFECT KNEES!!! That rarely happens. Yanks tends to jump with one knee just slightly lower but the gris I think made him think and rocked him back, thus freeing his shoulders up more and producing this gorgeous jump!!

I realize I'm being lackluster with my words here, but  I like to let the pictures speak for themselves sometimes.