Thursday, February 3, 2011


...out of my ever lovin mind.

Homework and cleaning the house did not cure my appetite to do something.

It was way too cold do go outside today (when I took Zoey out, it felt like my face was freezing off) , so hiking up the drive to the barn was out. sadface.

So after painting my project for painting class (finally), and doing all of the above stuff, I drew this. In about 30 that didn't occupy my mind. I bet I will spend all night either playing WOW, eating food I shouldn't or looking at horses that I can't afford.

I honestly can't wait to go to class tomorrow after 3 snow days. And go to work. Weird to say that . This whole not riding for a week or so is driving me crazy. Saturday back to riding again :)

Also I'd like to say, we've reached our 21st follower! I know, nothing compared to Andrea and Gogo or Denali and her mom, but hey its not about followers( or is it? :P) . I just like to post our activities somewhere where I can always go back and find it! But I thank you all for taking this journey with us! i really enjoy you all, and reading all your blogs too!


  1. Yay, I think I was number 21! I just started to blog about my ottb and Yankee reminds me a lot of him:)

  2. I love your horsey pictures. I'm probably not artistic enough to appreciate the rest of them, but horses are always good.

    Enjoy looking at those expensive ponies. It's my favorite hobby, especially when I'm poor.

  3. The horse hunting was excruciating. :(
    So many pretty horses, so little (er, none) money. I also enjoy drooling over very expensive dressage saddles.
    I've been feeling artsy lately. My next project is a drawing of Phylis Dawson's mare and foal I found on her website. Stunning! I hope it turns out!

  4. Nice artwork! You have more than that as far as followers. Some people regularly visit but just don't hit the "follow this blog button" like me :) I have 160 followers, yet over 7,000 page views last month. have more traffic than you think ;)

  5. I love your drawing. I used to draw horses on my math notes in high school. You got me wanting to draw now since I haven't done it in forever!

  6. I follow a lot of blogs on Google Reader and frequently forget to actually hit the 'Follow' button. Yours was one of those blogs.

  7. Hey thanks guys!I hope to eventually sell more art and maybe do custom work for horsey peoples who want art of their horses. Any takers? lol