Saturday, March 5, 2011

Comment Whoring and Updates

I will admit it.

I love comments.

I am a comment whore. I need them. I want to feel loved. Is that so bad? :P

OK now that I have admitted to you all my shameful lusting for comments I shall give an update.

I finally unburied myself from a massive pile of classwork I had...paper turned in, exams is a rest day. I slept till noon (GASP) and did pretty much nothing. Grocery shopping, and oil change was about it. I can't even muster the energy to ride. I feel like all the energy has been sucked outta me. Not to mention the deathstorm showed up in Columbia and about literally scared me to death. After calss I was taking a little nappy before work and it was glorious. However I was woken from my peaceful, regenerating slumber by death rain, death winds and the tornado siren blazing.

I am EXCEPTIONALLY terrified of thunderstorms. I mean, like full blown, sobbing hysterically, running-around-like-a-chicken-with-head-cut-off, panic.

I was so scared I could not think straight. All I could hear was "TAKE COVER NOW" via the TV and intercom around the city. So what did I do? Called the boyfriend at work, in mass hysteria, tried to explain that I was panicked and was heading over there immediately. Probably not the smartest thing to do in a tornado warning. Let's just say driving in hail and 60ish MPH winds is stupid and adding onto that, I drove about 60mph to get to the safety of the boyfriend and a solid building with a tornado shelter. Exhausting.

Back to horsey news.

I bought a new lunge line, yay. Sent in my USEA member feesu (zomg the prices went up AGAIN. Stupid economy!) for 2011 and plan to enter our 1st horse trial for the beginning of May, at the end of this month.

Yankee has been pretty good lately.

Our dressage schooling (see previous post for video, that NO ONE commented on. sad panda) has gone quite well. Flying changes becoming smoother and side passes coming more naturally and straighter. I tried shoulder fore/in and sidepassing at canter for the 1st time and he was brilliant for the 1st attempt ever :)

Jump school the other day was...interesting.

Yankee 'helping'

Both Pronto and Yanks were idiots and would not settle. I believe it was the unnaturally warm weather and the fact that Yankee/Pronto had never jumped in the outdoor. At one point he was so hyped, his canter became vertical. It took us like 40 seconds to cover 30 stupid! I could not let him jump with a canter that non-impulsive.


Cute little warm up bouncey bounces

Worked on creating impulsion with a level head and went back to jumping. Stellar improvement! We jumped a 4ft oxer with a 4ft spread and MAN can that horse jump. He just gets better and better!! We practiced skinnies and bending lines as well.

Skinnies used to not be in our vocabulary.

The warm up oxer

The BA oxer he jumped like a pro

Video later.

This is Pronto. One of H's horses. He is massive. like 18 some hands almost 19. I shall add a comparison picture

yes, I am 5 ft 9. tall boy!

Yankee is the cutest ponyface :) He loves drinking water from the hose!

Sorry I chattered so much, enjoy your days and keep posting those posts. You guys keep me entertained :)


  1. What kind of an eventer are you, ready to jump 4ft oxers and skinnies but afraid of thunderstorms???? LOL I would be worried too.

  2. So jealous of your jumping position! You guys look great! Jetta and I are just starting out with baby stuff but I can't wait to enter our first eventing show! But we have to wait for it to dry out here :(

    I must admit that I also love comments on my blog :]

  3. Aw, your fear of thunderstorms is adorable *hugs* Love the photos.

    And I'm a comment whore too ;)

  4. You guys are awesome. I meant to comment on the video, but then I had to leave work and it slipped my mind. So sorry--I love comments, too.

  5. I am commenting to feed your need =)

  6. Love the pictures- Yankee looks so dynamic :)

    We all like comments now and then - though if you are really that scared of thunderstorms, stay away from Minnesota events if you ever travel- we never, ever, ever have sunny events, it seems!

  7. AH I love you guys. You support my comment whoring :)
    Thanks for the compliments :D
    And t-storms are evil and scary. No Minnesota for me.

  8. Sorry I didn't comment on the post before. I actually haven't seen it yet because I'm saving posts that have videos in them for a time when I can have the volume up. I will comment when I see it though. I just sometimes read out of order. :) I love the jumping pictures. You are so gutsy. I guess because I never really did it as a kid, but jumping sort of scares me lol.

    Oh and I used to get panicked like that during thunderstorms. I've improved, but I do still get really nervous when tornado warnings are over us. I'm glad you were okay.

    Oh and I'm a comment whore too hehe. I love comments and I comment on almost every post I read. :D