Monday, March 28, 2011

The Numbers Game

4 days away from my horse.

1,427 miles driven.

$320 spent on gas.

1 adorable mini horse visited in STL, mo (mine actually).

1 equally adorable min pin picked up (stray my BFF found that I decided to take in).

1 slightly rusty heavy ass horse trailer brought back to Missouri for my use this summer :)

2 wiped out people and 2 wiped out puppies.

1 saddle almost sold on Ebay.

Approximately 3 lbs lost :)


  1. Yuck that's a long way to drive! The mini and min pin are too cute. What is the min pin's name? That's so sweet that you decided to take her in. :)

  2. my mini's name is Zpehyr and she has a page all her own here on my blog. The min pin names is Tonka, and its actually a boy. He is super sweet and cuddly :) I cant resist an animal in need. All my pets are strays with the exception of my bigger dog, she was a rescue.

  3. Awww, tiny pony!!