Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Things

Yesterday was pretty good. H was there and since we both had bad rides Tues. we dicided to make a jump chute and free jump the ponies.

Warrior thought we were silly humans making him jump sticks ont he ground so he spent most of the time running circles around us.

Pronto thought it was great fun, but jump really flat. He basically keeps his back level and just jerks his legs up...makes for impressive pictures though. I feel llike he could jump higher actually, he just doesn't know how. He is quite graceful for such a big fella.

Yankee was a perfect gem, minus one refusal. He was having such fun. I didn't push the height because of the 9 hour drive we have to take tomorrow. He still hopped like he had wings though.

Also, THINSG SHIPPED TO ME!!! EEEEEEEEEEE! Mainly my saddle last ....AWESOME!

My happy face.

It is SO gorgeous and perfect and I can't believe I found it for $500! Its not brand new but I don't care. I still lost money on the deal. I sold my saddle for $425 and after ebay fees ($43) and Shipping fees ($75!!!!) I only got $307 out of it...which is still a loss. Whatever, I have peace of mind now :)

Also I got my smartpaks, quietex, new stable wraps and some liniment in the mail today :)

Shaved ponyface

Big ole 19 hand Pronto taking a gander at jumping

This was the only whoops moment we had...dunno what happened, he just thought his striding was off or something. No matter, he was a gem yesterday.

spring loaded! He could jump that black fence if he tried.


Making it look easy


Nice Yanks :)

Looking gorgeous free!

Tomorrow I hva eonly 2 classes so I am heading to the barn to bathe him and finish packing then we will load up and head to Ohio for EA!

I am pretty excited. Getting to visit numerous old instructors, riding friends, 4H leaders and Pony Club advisors. :)

Now if only I can lose like 10 more lbs before then, lol


  1. Yuck a nine hour drive. :(

    I love the pictures. I don't think I've ever seen a horse jump as flat as Pronto is in that picture. It looks so weird because I'm used to seeing horses jump like Yankee. :) Your horse is gorgeous by the way.

    Anyway have a safe trip and have tons of fun!

    Oh duh and congrats on the saddle! So exciting and yes it is beautiful. :)

  2. Hooray new horsey stuff!! Saddle looks great, hope it works well for you. I never sell on ebay because of all their stupid fees and my general cheapness. I just list on tacktrader. It's free. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but you have more control over it.