Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still Can't Get Vids Up from EA

So I shall share some of my artwork...

We've been painting in class and this is my still life I am working on...

This is hour 4 of the project. The ribbon and the stuffed horse will be the most difficult but I am happy to paint them since it is subject matter I chose and love :D

I hope to hang this up in my house when I am done since it is near to m y heart. I am going to name it "XC" since it has my eventing watch, my grand champion PC ribbon, my water bottle after XC, an orange for me and an apple for Yankee.

Everyday the setup changes since its moved from a shelf to my area, but I just need the gist of what everything look slike to paint it. I will take the best of all the days and mesh it together.

I've ben feeling rather artsy lately but due to my schedule I haven't had much time to draw/paint. I have been sketching in class though.

So I drew this in class in about 10 min....little did I know what it had in store for me!

I turned it into this! I'm thinking T-shirt...
I've had 4 people tell me they would  buy one if I made them so...would anyone else like them? I plan on actually turning them into T-shirts. I'm going to fix the "ing" part since its too squished and make it dark blue on medium grey t-shirts. I think it will look ballin'.

I drew this for my friend Matthew as practice for finishing up Klein and Stacey (for those who don't know, I am doing a picture for Stacey of her and Klein going XC, but I don't know if I will finish it in color paint or charcoal. I'm letting her decide). His mare is the same color as Klein, so I was working on dapples. DIFFICULT!

Anyways, getting back to studying...crosses fingers for exam tonight...


  1. I would buy the Eventing shirt for my daughter! Let me know if you decide to sell them.

  2. I am actually...I just gotta figure out how much it will be to make them and ship. Honestly I don't think I will inflate prices since I'm not in it to make $$, I just wanna share an awesome t shirt!

  3. That design is awesome!! I can't believe you did that in ten minutes. I wish I had some talent for drawing. Can you do one of a dressage horse doing a half pass? I don't event so I don't think I would buy the shirt, but if it was dressage I would probably buy one. :)

  4. yes i def can! like how? a full figure, line figure, sidepassing sequence like I did with the jump? just lemme know :D

  5. I like the sequence how you did the jumping. That would be so awesome!

  6. I also like the tshirt. Super!

    This summer will you draw my pony? I missed out on entering Lucy's contest but now want a pony drawing.

  7. I'd definitely take a t-shirt!!!

  8. Dude, I want a T-Shirt. Except could I get it in hot pink with the graphics in purple? Gotta represent me and Amber's colors. ;)