Sunday, May 1, 2011

Did We Just Kick Some Ass?

I am pretty sure we did :)

Yesterday was AWESOME!!!!!

It started really early which was a bummer, but my class was only ten away from the beginning of the show (8 a.m.) so we got up at 5:30 to leave by 6:15 to get there by 8:45a.m.

I was excited so it was easy to get up but dragging the boyfriend (who had worked over 26 hours in the past 2 days) out of bed was probably my biggest challenge of the day!

My goal for the day was to remain CALM, cool, collected, and jump the dang fences. I wanted Yankee to jump WELL, not fast so I could get a ribbon. Ribbons were the last thing on my mind. Far step from my previous ribbon-whoring self 6 years back! (I loved ribbons and was feircely competitive, thus my collection of 357 hunter ring ribbons...I now DESPISE the hunter ring, thus the move to Eventing :D)

We arrived at the farm outside Saint Louis and signed up for my classes and waited....and waited....and waited.. Let me tell you though, this barn was STUNNING. I mean my jaw dropped when I drove up. Think, the most expensive barn you can imagine and thats what I saw. It must have cost over a million bucks to build...dang...can't even describe to you how beautiful. And this show was for CHARITY!! Shows you how rich the family is who owns it, but they were so nice! 
Yankee Wonder-ing (get it, his name is Yankee Wonder? haha) what is taking so gosh darn long looking rather smashing :)

I had no idea there would be sooo mnay ponies at this show! Which apparently, they are ALL entered in the first ten classes, making them go uber slow. Each pony/child got two rounds per class and there were like 50 of them I swear! I didn't even saddle up till two...lesson learned for June 4th.

Look. How.Freaking. Adorable this pony is!!! Funny thing is, a girl MY size was riding them! WTF!

So we waited some more and more and I said, until about 2p.m. Yep, 5 hours...
Clowning, bored. Oh, I HATE my white show pants btw...look how high they come up! NO ONE can look attractive in those horrid things...gawd.

I was extremely nervous many of you probably know, last summer was a disaster showjumping wise for us and I all I could think about was that AND I had 6 courses to memorize, keeping them all straight was difficult...

My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking but our warm up was excellent...
....So I tried to shake my nerves and remember my course. I purposely entered the 2'3 division because the jumps were so low I wouldn't have to worry about clearing them, just remembering them and keeping pace.

Our 1st course was OK...I was nervous and forgot to ride...haha. Yankee knocked over a rail on the first jump (a vertical, his worst enemy) but was stellar after that. We didn't make it to the jump off, so no ribbon, but Idin't care about that! I was pissed at myself for not riding to the first fence.
Waiting for the Grand Prix...

I wished that our next class would have been just more Jumper classes instead of the $300 Grand Prix....I ended up screwing that up too...I am an idiot and apparently have a mental block in rembering SIX courses..but who can blame me, six a quite a bit for one day. Still forgetting where my course was cost me 4 seconds and $250! I HAD the guy who won by like 4 seconds until I forgot where jump #7 was, spent like 3 seconds trotting and frantically searching till some lady yelled "orange vertical!" and I was like, DO'H! He jumped exceptionally, but my mistake cost me some money. Sadface, oh well, I wasn't here for prizes or ribbons, but it would  have been nice at least! He was turning on a dime and jumping like a pro, so I was SOOOO happy with that! I didn't even know that Grand Prix had a payout until I went to jump the course, haha! Also there was a girl there who was seriously rude, she rode a stallion and thought she was all that and a bag of chips and I really wanted to beat her!

Anyways, on to the Jumper classes. Like I said before, I wanted to just jump well and not get ribbons, but the tiny massive competitive side of me really DID want to win and I knew I could do both! The 3 foot class went really really well too, Yankee jumped fast and clean and with a double clear and a time of 43 secs, off to the jump -off we went. Guess who forgot the Jump-off course? Yep, me. I just laughed, and accepted my 3rd place as it was. Yankee still jumped like a star and all hint of nervous-ness was gone.

The 3'9 class went much better and we had no jump-off, so it was all for time. It was probably the best round all day and I was SO happy with how he went. The second fence was crap but that was my bad. He turned on a dime from 5 to 6 and 6 to 7, but the lady who got first place had the rolbackienst horse I have ever seen, and even though Yankee was faster and jumped better, her horse shaved off the seconds by rollbacking to like every fence. I can live with a double clear and another 2nd place ribbon :D

I was MORE than pleased with my ponyface and didn't even care that I didn't win anything. To me, I HAD won! We successfully jumped 5/6 courses (minus the silly human who forgot her course twice) and we were spot on to everything! I couldn't have asked for a better horse yesterday!

lead change!

fence 4, 3'9

fence 7, 3'9

fence 6, 3'9

PROUDLY displaying our fourth, third and two seconds!

I was so happy with how yesterday went!

I KNOW our stadium will be good in two weeks, since I jumped higher yesterday than my course will be. I feel extra confident and in a good place mentally for the stadium round for mIll Creek. Now if only I felt that good about finals....


  1. You guys looked awesome! Great job!


    I've always wanted one. So much so, that when I got Izzy, I got the girls at my barn to organize an informal show in which we all made ourselves neck ribbons. Not even kidding.

    Congrats! It sounds like a great day and I'm super proud of you guys.

  3. LOVED the video-what a great round. And SIX courses to remember. Please...I'm impressed you didn't space out on every one of them. Great job!

  4. You guys kicked some ass!!!!! Way to go Monica and Yankee! I can't wait for the report on your first HT of the season!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. thank all of you guys :D

    and yes I got a neck ribbon! BEST FOURTH PLACE OF ALL TIME! lol Next time Im getting that blue! They are giving away (along w the money) a halter and a blanket and the badassenest GC neck ribbon!

    12 more days till the HT! :) just gotte get through finals :(

  6. You did awesome! You guys looked great and did so well. I wouldn't have been able to remember one course much less six. Wow I'm impressed. :D Good luck with finals! You can do it. :)