Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hate This.

I pretty much despise summer :(

Its so stinking hot.

99 today...heat advisory....not my thing.

Trying to ride when its not hot is totally incovienancing my life, haha. Like I have yet to buy my books for school, run necessary errands, or work out....or eat right. I cram riding in between my to jobs and now school. Along with other lifely things...it pretty much boils down to the fact that summer royally drags.

Not saying I hate riding by any means, just in summer! I hate profusely sweating....always being thirsty....bleached out horse coats....hot show clothes.  ugh.

Anyways, today I rode my dressage test for Queeny Park this weekend. It was to say the least, a piece of pie. If we don't get a 32 or lower I will shit. The most difficult part about it is getting the canter on a half circle which by all means, we could do about 3 years ago. I HATE this. HATE HATE HATE.

I should NOT be this afraid that I have to drop a level. Hell. We've been schooling prelim for over two years and we have ALL the necessary dressage movements for it as well. The Xc height used to not be the problem, it was the dressage, but I worked all winter on it and we've got our shit together (at home at least. Sometimes Yanks loses it at shows...). So, I;m pretty frustrate with myself. Just the thought of doing another XC course gives me the eeby jeebies (which I hate myself for) and reliving my fall scares me. I never used to be scared. I hate it.

To get away from all the hate though, I am very glad how well Yankee did today on our test. Even in the heat, he was a gem and totally just did work. I seriously love my horse. Even if we never make it to Advanced (He is 9 now and I am 20) I know he will be a super solid horse for my kids and I plan on owning him till the day I die. I love him so much! I hope he takes care of me this weekend and tomorrow (schooling XC).

Until next time


  1. Enjoy your heat. It's 50f and windy here. At least we can see the giant glowing orb in the sky again... I can't seem to remember what it's called.

    I know it sucks to drop a level (or I would know, if I had competed in the past couple years), but hopefully it will be a nice, easy confidence builder and you can come back stronger than ever. Don't beat yourself up over it.

  2. I know it's hard not to, but you're stressing over it too much. I do it too so I don't really have any advice except to try to remember why it used to be fun. When you put that much pressure on yourself and take it so seriously it can't possibly be fun anymore.

    I'm glad you had a good ride and that Yankee is being a gem. He'll take care of you. just remember it's easier to keep your seat if you're relaxed (well I don't jump so don't know if that holds true in cross country) . . . like I said, no advice, just good luck and I know you can do it.

  3. Oh and I used to be fearless and am now terrified of falling off so I can totally relate. It sucks.

  4. thank you guys :D you are so sweet! Im trying real hard to relax...