Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where To Go?

So, procrastinating writing this paper...

I've been thinking deeply about where to live after I graduate. I want to live in the (deep) south, but I HATE heat. But I LOVE the southern hospitality. The boyfriend is from the deep south, and his family is just so amazing. Nicest people, rib-stickin' food, scrumptious sweet tea, hospitality...

But I REALLY despise the heat. Like, really. There is AC for that, but the WHOLE reason I want to move to the south is for the horses. 

So, places to live

  • Aiken, SC (or around Aiken)
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky 
  • Maryland
  • Tennessee
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Ocala, Florida (or around)
Top 3 being,
  • South Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
I've done some pretty extensive research on these 3 states, but I am sure as most of you know, moving is EXPENSIVE. And the BF and I don't want to risk moving willy nilly and not being able to get a job.

TONS of things are going into this decision. Community, crime, COL, weather (big one for me), horse community (Horse Trials, instructors, prospective clientel, etc)  the ground (for barns, arenas, etc), travel (from home, OH, airports, etc), schools (for future childrens)...etc etc 

I am ancy to move away from MO and OH (since Ohio is the asscrack of the midwest) but I want to choose the right place for us. I LOVE cool weather, but I also LOVE the horse world. I am willing to give up my love for cool weather for the best horse community.

I am looking for an area that is rich with eventing, or dressage/jumping for that matter. A place where I can call home. A place where I could start up a business, wether it be with horses, art, etc. 

Any suggestions, readers?
Where do you live?
Whats it like, horse community wise?


  1. Philadelphia is much cooler than the other two states you said you preferred. Hot spells do happen, but nothing like what we get in the South. And snow in the winter! Yay!

    (I too, share your love for cold weather and despise heat. Unfortunately, I am stuck in Dallas, where was are working on our tenth day in a row of 100+ heat, not counting heat index, and there's no end in sight.)

  2. I second the vote for PA. I lived there for a summer and it was AWESOME. Muggy and steamy, but NOTHING like all of the other places you listed. I LOVE the heat and I LOVE the summer, but in Texas I am experiencing what might be called a bit of seasonal depression in the SUMMER because I am so unhappy being trapped in the indoors from 11am-9pm. Seriously, it is TOO HOT to be outdoors.
    I also LOVED Maryland. Awesome horse country, same with PA. In terms of eventing, I'd say PA and SC are your best choices. DON'T choose Ocala (or FL in general) for eventing. It's mostly jumpers/dressage down there, and it is SO GODAWFUL HOT.

  3. I vote South Carolina just because that's where I want to live. I don't live in any of the states you listed so I can't be of any help really, but I read somewhere that in Aiken they have crosswalk buttons at human height and human on horseback height!! How awesome is that?? And everyone in that area is probably horse people so you wouldn't have to worry about drivers who don't understand about horses. I'm sure there will be rude ones like there is everywhere, but the majority I figure would know to slow down. I've never been there though so it's all from researching. I love Florida too, but I love the heat and summer so I'm opposite you. You know the humidity is awful down south right?

  4. Ummmm


    All I need to say.

  5. Oh gosh. It sounds like you are putting lots of thought into this, which is great!
    In my own moves, I always tried to consider "all the factors" but ultimately, I would let one wild and exciting thing lead my move and I was ok with knowing that a) nothing has to be forever b) priorities change, even if I nailed my "perfect" location when I moved, a million things could shift and change what I considered perfect. Also, looking back at what I loved at 20, it was different than 24, and even 28... so, I guess all I would say is, find something amazing, love it for what it is, then be ready for your next adventure.

    LOVE dreaming about next moves... hope you're enjoying the process!!!

  6. Very exciting. Don't move to ID, but I think you knew that already. Weather is fab here, but horses events? Ha. Barns? Haha.

    Awesome that Brandon is so supportive.

  7. South Carolina! Then I'll come to Charleston for my next base, and we'll live happily ever after ;)

    But actually, seriously even though I have 3 more years here I'm already thinking ahead and seriously considering going for Charleston because of the horse world there.

  8. I live in North Carolina, have my whole life, and highly recommend Asheville, NC. It's in the mountains, so it's beautiful and has relatively cool weather, but is still in the South, with all the same culture and hospitality. The winters are mild. Asheville has been named one of the top up and coming cities and one of the best places in the country to live. There is a low cost of living, and a lot of things to do, with many live music choices and no shortages in outdoor activities. There is a huge art scene there, and tons of places to trail ride. I know there are eventing barns there as well. I've been all over the Southern United States, and Asheville is the best place I've ever been. I'm planning on moving there in January. Roanoke, VA is also pretty great. If you hate heat, though, don't go to Charleston. It's miserably hot, smells like pee, and is insanely expensive. Just look into it. I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with Asheville. :)

  9. hmmm you all have some lovely input :) I REALLY still am looking at PA and SC/NC...leaning to PA if it all works out!

  10. Another option if you're REALLY interested in moving on a slightly grander scale would be Ontario, Canada. Ontario has a fantastic roster of events ranging from beginner novice to intermediate and is (depending on where in Ontario you locate) close to New York and Michigan, and Quebec, which makes up for the lack of CCI/CIC events.
    The weather's cold in the winter, but doesn't reach above 95... EVER. 90's is considered really hot. Also, if you like OTTB's, our two major TB racetracks (coupled with several STB tracks) provide plenty of 'em. Just a thought. Moving countries is a lot bigger than switching states, but I thought I'd put it out there anyways!

  11. interesting thought, Canada never even crossed my mind, but it doe sound promising!

  12. Spent extensive time in PA and avoid it like the plague. Would not live there if you paid me. Ugh.

  13. I guess that's a bit unfair. Along the Jersey border and around the bigger cities, you're ok. Otherwise you're dealing with low income, high unemployment, low education, high mortality, and rednecks. Scranton was rated the 10th least educated city in America. I'd do Vermont or Canada instead.