Monday, April 30, 2012

Study Break

While taking my 7th study break in less than 2 hours, after reading all the blogs, I stumbled upon this wicked cool picture on my friends' FB wall....

That would be Janice Holmes, one of my most favorite instructors of all time. She knows her shit and helped me event BOTH Spirit and Yankee. Best eventing coach ever.

If you live in Ohio, near Cinci, I would look her up and take some lessons. I only made it out twice a month, but since she is an ICP level 2, she is wooorrrrrrth it.

Badass article here.

Its funny, I saw who ran out an grabbed Veronica (Karen O'Conner horse), but thought nothing of it- turns out it was Janice!



  1. You know how much I love a good Janice sighting!!
    I miss this damn woman. She's the only reason Jake and I got ANYWHERE. Like, cantering correctly lol.

  2. Literally the reason we can jump fences.

    1. Exactly. The ONLY reason I stay on with some semblance of control lol.