Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jackie got a horse!

I was going to see if Jackie was going to blog about her new bundle of joy...but she didn't. 

SO, I will introduce the bloggin' world the beautiful grey mare that Jackie can now call her own, Isis! (to be renamed eventually)...aint' she a purty thang!?

OH and not only is she totally gorgeous but she a BAMF over fences...

 SWOON. She needs to jump that mare higher ;)

Love her trot! I', pretty upset I have yet to see miss mare, but she lives in KC, Missouri and Jackie will be moving there in a week-ish, so she won't be coming up to CoMo. ROAD TRIP to see new ponyface!

So of course this means Yankee is now again up for lease, and I have a girl from Ohio (the motherland) who is coming to try him on the 28th. I'm scurrying to get him relatively back in shape before then but 100+ temps are yet again making it difficult to ride without dying. Pretty positive I almost stroked out yesterday.

More on my feelings about Yankee potentially moving back to Ohio and me being horse-less...but for now I have to go to my J-O-B.


  1. Awe, the new horse is gorgeous. So I guess I didn't know you live near Ohio. I live in Ohio. Anyways good luck with finding a lease

  2. I live 8 hours from Ohio, I'm just from there. Town called xenia

  3. I like Isis, but I'm just some wacko on the internets. Big decisions for you, it sounds like.

  4. Isis looks fancy! Good luck with the new leaser! Yanks being gone from you daily?! Yuck...but being in work=great.

  5. Yay for new horse, but that totally sucks you're losing Jackie.... and why would Yankee move?? That's horrible!