Thursday, November 1, 2012

Everyone's Doing It.

Before I get to the meat of this post, just wanted to let everyone know Isis is doing pretty good for having her butt torn apart. Its infected, as to be expected, but Jackie is doing all she can to speed the healing process. Thank you for your well wishes!!

And now.

You all should know by now that my ponyface is adopted.

I got him from New Vocations as a wittle bebe TB off the track, aka OTTB. I know some of you are opposed to the breed, but with him and numerous others, I can find nothing better and I've owned and ridden almost every common breed out there.

There's just something about the OTTBs that are so special and if you talk to anyone who has adopted I'm sure their story is the same. Loyal, affectionate, powerful, graceful, smart, athletic, beautiful...all of it. They are everything. To me, the perfect breed.

A fellow blogger started making T-shirts for us OTTB lovers, and her company has since exploded into a multinational business. I saw the other day someone from Europe wanted her shirts! She even has the MOST adorable jackets (UM, CHRISTMAS LIST, k thanks.) and coolers for the horses. So awesome. I love it. Its called OTTB Tee's and you can find her on Etsy and FB.

The link for Etsy is here!

She is also having a contest to win some merchandise and I live for free things. Problem is, I'm down by like...60 votes. There is no way they are getting that many votes without asking for them. I'm caving under peer pressure and asking you guys to vote for Mr. Yankee and I so I can win some free stuff! YAY FREE THINGS. ALL THE FREE THINGS!

The contest is to submit a picture of you and your OTTB with ONE word to describe "you" (Yanks an I). I picked 'quirky' because I feel that is the epitome of our relationship together. He is a major goofball and I'm a wild child.

The link is HERE to vote. Just "like" it on FB!

If you guys wanna help me out, that'd be pretty sweet. The contest goes till November 19, (very fitting that it is also election month) so head to the polls preese :D It'll only tai a hot second ;)

I realize I'm up against Ms. Lucy and Mr. Cuna...I might lose. haha.


  1. If I vote for you, will you vote for me? ;) Maybe we can both win.

  2. I have an OTTB myself, compleatly agree I love him to pieces and would take him over the warmbloods I have ridden any day!

  3. Aww I'm too late to vote. :( Sucks to be so behind on reading blogs....

    I'm glad Isis is doing okay.