Monday, April 7, 2014

Hungover AF

I want to write a post about our show but I am so horse showing thunder storming babysitting stray dog finding bills paying working long hours hungover that I can barely function so I will sneak a few pics and leave it at that until I maybe recover. 

Had some mildly good work put in, with an OTTB tantrum about leg yielding, but otherwise a solid show that let us know what we need to work on. Lost to the girl at my barn who creams everyone with ridiculously unheard of high scores, BUT we snagged a first in first level 2 and nabbed the TIP (thoroughbred incentive program) award for the highest scoring thoroughbred at first level (64.5). Yay Jockey Club for sweet show swag! The judge was super harsh and in second level Jessie got third...the winning score was a 59....wut.

Sweet JC swag :)

XC schooling this Sunday!! Hopefully I make it to Sunday....