Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stahted From Missourah Now We He'yah

For title reference please see rap genre.

That was a very wild 5 days full of driving and partying. 31 (YES THIRTY FUCKING ONE) hours driving, 1800+ miles, $900 in gas, about 4 hours sleep a night, one wild Memorial Day weekend float trip and many many beer cans later, Yankee and I made it to Ohio.

 Disclaimer: I do not drink and drive. Or drive while drinking.

I brought my personal belongings up the day before MemDWknd because I knew I had too much shit to transport at once.

Then I hung out with my bro and friends because he is deploying soon. Seemed appropriate.

Rowdy goons. I'm the one in the middle with the lions mane

My brother, bloggsphere. I love him.
Then I dragged my poor brother ALL THE WAY BACK TO MISSOURI to get Yankee and all his shit, which by the way, is A LOT more than you think when you're trying to cram it into a one truck and trailer PLUS 10 bales of hay. But we got it. Thank you Pony Club.

We were only there one full day but managed to squeeze in a dinner with my whole barn crew...

They were SO generous and got me a massive gift card to Dover! How sweet! I will miss them so.

Barn Brats
 We left the next morning (today) at 6 am sharp. Running on mostly no sleep.

Human, why you dress me in weird clothes


Bro kept his friends entertained on SnapChat with "horse travels" as he called it. Pretty funny! Yankee was very chill the whole time and we stopped every hour and a half to let him rest. Went very smoothly.

He was very very very happy to get off the trailer and get out. He didn't run around, just rolled and ate lots of grass. Didn't seem too worried he is alone, but I know he will be happy to have Bacardi here.

Who, by the way, I pick up tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Lots of driving. Yay for seeing your bro though. Yankee looks happy :) And double yay for picking up Bacardi!!!

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound, moving with horses can be super stressful. We moved last year with four horses and four dogs in the middle of the summer, to the hottest place on earth....Arizona. I have never worried so much in my life. We did it much like you did too. Moved all the stuff first (which took 2 trips in itself) and then all the critters on the final trip. Can't wait to see all about your new place.

  3. What a weekend. Glad you survived, looking forward to hearing about the new guy.

  4. Yay for smooth travels!

  5. Dang what a busy, crazy weekend!! I'm glad everything went smoothly and that Yankee is safe at home. Looking forward to the Bacardi update!