Monday, November 17, 2014

People Are Just The Worst

I had every intention of coming on here today to share some thoughts on my horse angel Yankee and post some pictures we took over the weekend with him. IN a strange twist of fate involving another OTTB and a 12 hour drive, Yankee went to KS a week early and left this AM.

I'll explain in another post, the one I intended to write, but first I'm going to rant. Because I have my sassy pants on, its my blog and people are the worst.

I posted this adorable picture, along with a few others here and there on social media, of my Yanks this AM, with a note on how much I will miss him etc etc

And people have the audacity to comment and message me asking/telling me "oh my god why would you ever get rid of him" or "OMG youre replacing him with Bacardi".

First off. I'm not "getting rid" of him. I made a damn hard decision to do what I thought was BEST for MY horse. Mine, no one elses.

Secondly, to sit down, think about it, admit things to yourself and give up something you love for the better is one of the hardest things you could ever do. It takes courage. Its scary. I'm AFRAID. But I'm trusting my friends and my guts and doing what I KNOW will work out for Yankee.

Thirdly, I'd like to see the naysayers try it before they lash out at me for something they don't understand. Its so freaking easy to sit behind a keyboard or a phone and be nasty. I'm so SICK of everyone judging immediately before they read into a situation or try to comprehend that I made a decision that will benefit EVERYONE. And I mean that in general. People online SUCK. I'm about done with it all. Seriously GTFO if you're going to be rude like that.

Lastly, if you know me or my horse at all you know I worship that animal. He is my heart and my angelface and I love him more than life itself. But I cant give him what he deserves. So I made a choice. I'm not giving him up. Or getting rid of him or replacing him with anything. He's still my man and always will be. We've been together almost ten years and nothing will change that. Not distance or time. He's coming back to me after he's finished doing what he was meant to do.

Its not like I'm some heartless bitch getting rid of my "old" horse because better things came along. I'm hurting. I miss him already. This will be hard. But it will be GOOD!

Another thing.

Asking someone "where's your brain bucket?" or "where's you helmet?" is just....the worst.

Its obviously not on my head. Where do you think it is? Maybe in the garage. Or in the barn. But not on my head and thats my damn choice. I dont need to be reminded that I'm not wearing one. I obviously know that. Last time I checked it was not against the law to ride without a helmet on your own property in the state of Ohio.

Then again I haven't lived here for 6 years. But I'm not afraid of the helmet police.

I get it. Riding without a helmet is dangerous. We all know this. Ive fallen enough to know, seen enough footage, read enough news reports. I'm well aware. I'm also an adult capable of making my own decisions, and in that awareness, to not place a "brain bucket" on my cranium. There was probably a reason I was willing to risk my noggin'. However dumb and childish it may seem, its MY friggin choice. I don't need pretentious comments clouding my pictures and my happy mood.

I wanted to ride my horse, who I trust with my life, and get awesome fun pictures in the field with my super blonde hair blowing in the wind because I wanted MAJESTIC PICTURES TO REMEMBER HIM BY OKAY?


Hop off the self righteous helmet wearing train next time you feel the urge to remind me that I'm not wearing a helmet, because I already know, and really don't care. I wear it 99.99% of the time anyways, because you know, safety.

THAT being said. I am appreciating all the loving support I'm getting form the vast majority of peoples. It makes me so happy knowing there are others out there know how I feel. It means more to me than you know! Love you all!



  1. Oh wow... I'm shocked that people are saying those thing.. how heartless!!! I don't even know you and I know how much you love Yankee because of this blog. I'm so sorry people are being so rude. Try to ignore them. It's your horse, your decision and you are doing what is best for Yankee. Putting the needs of someone you love ahead of your own selfish needs is a hard and amazing thing to do. I also agree the helmet thing is so annoying. We know the risks, we trust our horses and it's our decision. So ignore them too. I hope you don't quit the blog (you haven't gotten rude comments here have you???) even though the internet can be a nasty place. *hugs* I miss him already too! I hope they send you updates so you can share them with us. :)

    P.S. I LOVE that picture! Levi's coat is so awesome. :D

  2. I really don't like people either. Probably around 85% of people. Which sounds horrible, but, yeah. It's true. I like my blogger friends and horse friends and small collection of other friends. Because they aren't insulting and I can put my trust in them. So, ignore the broken and sour folk. Because I do, and it makes everything better.

  3. Yeah the Internet sucks a lot. I think you are making a positive, cool decision and can't wait to hear more about Yankee's adventures! I got the same crap when I sold my old horse and bought another. Life takes you in unexpected directions and most of the time it all woks out awesomely.

  4. I seriously do not understand people that flip shit when someone sells/leases/gives away their horse. Is every single person on the planet going to keep their horse for that animal's entire fucking life? NO. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?!

  5. I love your blog! You are awesome! Keep doing you. Let the haters hate. Everyone is brave (and an expert, who knew?) behind a keyboard.

    ~ Daily Reader

  6. that picture is wonderful and captures your connection with Yankee so well. you made a selfless and difficult decision based on Yankee's best interest and i respect that completely

  7. Another anonymous piping in...I also love your blog.
    You are great and the connection you have with your horses is amazing.

    Love, love, love, love, love, love Yankee. My heart sank when I read your announcement because he is one special guy. I know how hard the decision must be and know that you would have thought it through a million times making it sure that it is in Yankee's best interest.

  8. People who leave nasty comments on the interwebs are tacky and pathetic. Keep on keeping on. I personally think you are a badass. :)

  9. Who would say those things? Do they actually know you? Wow...just wow. I would be removing them as friends if it were me!

  10. Motto for 2014: People suck (slightly less than in 2013, but they still suck). I'm sorry they suck though, I can't imagine making those choices and then having whiplash from people who don't know you.

  11. Oh wow I missed those comments! All I saw on your FB was one person asking about your brain bucket - which, you know me, I would have asked you too ;)

  12. Love your blog and it's clear you make every effort to do best by your horses!

    Any comment re: lack of a helmet is simply positive peer pressure a la the 'mind your melon' campaign, riders4helmets etc. - after all, it's not just you who is impacted if something happens while you're not wearing your helmet, it's your family, friends, the health care system etc. So take it as a compliment as it's no more than a sign people care!

  13. Your hair deserves the freedom for the photos. Look how gorgeous it is! I do the same thing for nice pictures so I know exactly where you are coming from. I had to give up my pony for the horse I have currently (not that he is in any way replaced). I simply out grew him and needed something more. My pony went to a happy little girl which is more than I could have ever wished for him. I knew I couldn't give them both the attention they deserved. Let the sucky people suck and keep doin you!

  14. I find the helmet debate quite interesting, since I get the "nerd" feedback for wearing my Motorport suit while riding vs going out in only a jacket. People can be surprisingly and shockingly cruel on the internet. It's as if the anonymity gives license to crass behavior.

  15. Ah internet warriors, so tough behind their screens with their mighty keyboards.

    I assumed the helmet was off for pics, and frankly while I think their smart, still love that feeling of free hair while riding. just assume it means people think your smart enough to have something worth protecting ;)

    We do the best we can by our horses, and it's ultimately our decision what's best for everyone involved. Your decision seemed wise and sound.

  16. The only thing I really hate about social networking is shit like that. You are an adult, you can make your own choices. I support your choice in putting Yankee in a spot where he will succeed in a career he loves and then come back to make many more amazing memories with you. I would have loved the opportunity to hand over LB's lead rope to someone who could take him beyond where I could if I had Brantley at the same time. Even now... If B got to the point where he needs more than I can give him, I'd lease him in a heart beat to someone who could give him more experiences than I could.

    You are doing a wonderful, brave, and heartbreaking thing. But it'll be good for the both of you. <3 I wish you luck.

  17. Ugh, sometimes the internet just... blows. :-( I'm really sorry you're having to go through this rn -hugs-