Monday, March 23, 2015

Yankee Update: I Won The Lottery

I wish I had actually won the real, monetary, lottery but I've won in so many other way when it comes to my main squeeze of over 10 years.

Just a quick update here for y'all, mostly in picture form. Had one hell of a weekend and this was a Monday to kill all Mondays. Technically this is my 500th post, but I have zero energy to make a big deal about it.

Back to The Pants.

He's doing so well I could explode from the feels. Honestly he won the horsey lotto and I won the leaser lotto and I couldn't be happier or feel more justified in my decision. Let the pics do the talking.

Happiest OTTB in the world

So fat. So Fit. So happy. #hunkstatus


Lovin' every second

Do TB stuff

Absolutely killin it over some massive trek

Beasting the corner

Classic Yankee 
Crazy to think a year ago almost to the day that was me in the stirrups, pretty terrified to do all of those jumps and he did it anyways! This guy LOVES his job as an event horse and I'm so super stoked to see how the season goes.

Also can we please stop and just celebrate Lauren's eq for a minute. Like really, pro status.

Speaking of, the mousey nugget cleared second place out of a semi-large field at the one day this weekend and finished on his dressage score!! Good on ya mate!

A really really ridiculously good looking selfie of Yanks

Red can be his color too!
Miss this guy everyday, but so happy to get updates like this! Even if hes a weird mouse color in transition from shaved to summer coat, still a cutie in my book

Today he got adjusted, teeth done and is scheduled for a massage later this week. They're also reflocking the dressage saddle to fit his back perfectly. SO SPOILED! I love it!

Always the gentleman
It seems The Tank is pretty prepped for Texas Rose this weekend! If you see him, stuff his face with treats and love from me! Lauren finds it awesome how many random people just know Yankee. Its like he's internet famous almost & I know he loves the extra attention.


  1. Awww that handsome boy. He looks like he is thoroughly enjoying himself, but I bet he misses his mom!

  2. He look so happy! Good for you and him! There needs to be more leasers out their like her and I hope she knows that!

  3. Beast mode!!! Happy for the both of you!

  4. so much win - your horse is pretty much my hero! go Yankee go!

  5. Glad he's doing well. :-) What a fun update.

  6. What a stud!! Love that he loves his job and what a perfect leasor!

  7. Pro status! Congrats to all.....leaser must be thrilled to bits!

  8. Yay Yankee!!!!!! He looks fantastic and it looks like he's loving it! I'm so happy you found such a great place for him. This post just makes me smile! :D