Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Words

This is not a post for the faint of heart (like myself) so I will warn you when to cease scrolling.

I would cease about now.

This shit, I cannot. I literally can't even form words right now and for that I'm sorry. Therefore my emotion & story will be poorly explained with gifs.

I walk out this evening to feed and immediately I see blood Like everywhere. Actually everywhere. Bacardi's legs, his hooves, the ground, his stall...fucking massacre.

This can't possible be form the murderous horseflies we've been experiencing. No way. Surely.

In which I see the flapping piece of flesh that is Bacardi's LH heel skin, just dangling, encrusted with mud and dried blood. 

To what universe do I owe this pleasure? Which karma did I displease lately? Yes, that is the OPPOSITE foot of the one that still CURRENTLY has an abcess that I am treating aggressively.

Oh thats not so-AHHHH



He was actually quite stoic about it while I cleaned and wrapped him. he was more concerned about food than his foot. I of course was internally freaking the fuck out. So he's incredibly lame, injuries to both hinds and of course I've reached the conclusion his feet are going to fall off and he's going to die. 

All of the work we've done together, gone. He's done. For god knows how long. Bye summer & fall plans. Bye any progress we've made. 

 This has happened to another horse of mine and the vet couldn't even do anything except give me meds- which I already have. I'm obviously concerned with the nature of the injury, but i'm absolutely DEVASTATED our summer is over. And we all know what happens in fall with B---fuckface to the extreme. So there goes an ENTIRE YEAR OF trying, wasted. Gone. 

I know I'm being dramatic, but come the fuck on, horse. Get your shit together. I cannot fucking deal with this flip flopping around and scathing your body every chance you get.


  1. What the what??? Uggghhh B! SO SORRY to hear this! Wishing as speedy a recovery as possible... Keep us posted!

  2. Oh wow-that's nasty looking!! So sorry :(

  3. Come on B. Really? REALLY? Good job.

  4. that looks really gross and terrible. So sorry.

  5. Oh I've got words. They are all bad ones. Jesus. Sorry friend, better bust out the Lilly girl and get your reining pants and skid boots on.

  6. Okay I ignored your warning... Shouldn't have... Yuck!!! That made me nauseous. How in the world did you deal with that on your own?? I almost passed out when I saw Chrome's ear!! I'm so sorry he's hurt again and that your plans have been ruined. :-( I hope it heals quickly and completely. Do you have any ideas how he did that?? I just can't even figure it out......