Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Taking The Plunge

Adulting is really hard. Do we ever really grow up? Nah.

But it can be really fun.

The coolest thing I've learned while trying to adult is that you're a fucking adult. And you can do what you want. Pretty much anytime you want (or pre-approved work PTO, whichever).

I also have acquired the mentality of "money was meant to be spent" (that is of course after stashing away your alloted amounts into savings and 401K, paying insurance, etc) and have REALLY been doing that.

Dont get me wrong, I know its important to save..but its also important to LIVE.

I've learned to say YES.

So many people live their life afraid and worrying about all the things, fretting abotu this and that and always saying no.

I just live worrying about all the things, but also have fun fearlessly.

For example, I moved my horse to a really expensive boarding barn I can barely afford because a spot opened up. I said yes. It was an amazing decision.

I also took a VERY random and spontaneous trip to West Virginia to go whitewater rafting and zipling because BUCKET LIST.

They Boy asked if I would want to drop a few stacks and snag a spot for Gauley season and I said yes. Because why the fuck not.

It was..... phenomenal. I do not regret one second of it, or my spontaneous decision.

I was absolutely terrified, but it ended up being quite the glorious adrenaline rush, well worth the money.

We went to Adventures on the Gorge in Lansing, WV and it was to die for...eeven if it did rain all weekend.

Literally having the time of my life
Everyone needs to take the plunge. Seriously, go do shit. Especially things you're afraid to do. Mayeb it wont be so bad, and you'll enjoy it!

How hot is this
Seriously look at us. LOOK at our faces.



Plan a trip.

Take risks. Live life. Soak it in and be with the ones you love! Its so worth it.

The guides complimented my boots. Those are my paddock boots for riding.

The AdrenaLine-3,150 ft of pure awesomeness. Reached up to 70 mph!! It was bananas!

End scene.


  1. First of all, I fucking love your paddock boots!

    Second, YES to taking trips. I took a series of trips I could barely afford over the last year including driving cross country over the course of 11 days and I have ZERO regrets. So worth it. No, if only I had the balls to white water rafting!

    1. I did the EXACT same trip almost 2 years ago with a bestie. It was amazing, we saw everything! Broke the bank, but memories!!

  2. Come back and play any time...and if you let me know ahead of time I can greatly subsidize the costs haha. Perks of being a local and having friend's who are raft guides/having all the climbing gear/working in the industry. :-) Love sharing this state with others.

  3. I LOVE whitewater rafting- I had a friend in college who worked summers on the Ocoee in TN who would take us down the river as often as we wanted.

    So glad you had fun!

  4. That looks like so much fun!! My best friend has been telling me the same thing for a while now. I'm doing better but I still worry lol. I'm glad you had so much fun!!!

  5. So much agree. I'd made this my life philosophy sometime in high school, but it was hammered home to me quite brutally when I lost SO. Time is so fragile & finite, NEVER pass up an opportunity if you can swing it!! People adorably think I have a 401(k) sometimes (LOL, you have to have something to put in first, but I do at least have my ridiculously small state pension if I survive another 20 years) -- I do save a little each month given my 2 walking suicide machines & my own medical bills, but it is all too true that it's no good waiting & saving for when you're (a) too old/broken to do cool stuff or (b) just plain dead. Live now! <3

  6. I went to West Virginia University, so I can absolutely agree that West Virginia is gorgeous and breath-taking! Also, whitewater rafting is seriously SO MUCH FUN, glad you said "eff you" to your wallet and planned that trip.