Monday, January 9, 2017


I'm not usually a fan of super sappy/annoying/heartfelt blogposts and perhaps have strayed from my sarcastic tone only a few times, but since listing B for sale and trying to sell his ass...I've been feeling all the feels.

In May (if I still have him then--lort plz no) he will have been mine 3 whole years.


That went by so fast, I can barely believe it to be honest.

Day 1: trying him out

In selling him I have found it INCREDIBLY difficult to not preach how god awful he was when I first got him. Its so difficult to not say "well x amount of time ago he was y and how he is z"...because people don't care. They don't care if he was a giant exploding ball of anxiety around trailers and stalls and in crossties and now doesn't bat an eye at any of it.  They don't give a shit. They see whats in front of them, which I can 1000% understand...but as an owner its SO damn hard to not be like here's xyz.

He used to literally be dangerous. He would rear, kick, bolt, buck and explode at any and all moments for no given reason. A lesser person would've given up or treated him like garbage, but I saw what was underneath that hard & explosive exterior. He was horse who had been broken. Broken to to core and just needed love, trust and understanding. He needed time. And I gave it to him. Years, actually.

& it was fucking brutal.

Do you know how hard it is to watch everyone else schooling their 6 year olds over 3ft fences, when yours can't even walk forward half the time? How hard it is to struggle day in and day out with loading in a trailer? How miserable it is to re teach the same thing over and over and over because your horse is afraid of the wind and literally cannot keep himself together for 5 minutes at a time? How embarrassing it is to have your horse jumping 3'6 one day and refusing ground poles the next?

So fucking hard.

But, I slowly kept chipped away at him, building a partnership, teaching him its OK to not understand and to trust what I'm asking of him. I kept at it, when everyone else was light years ahead, because I knew he was special. I knew it would pay off.

And it did. It DID pay off. He's a brilliant horse, with so much talent and he is finally less of a spaz. Sure, he still spooks at the wind on occasion and we have a bad ride here and there (everyone does) , but I'm no longer leaving the ring every single time in tears. He has grown.

Realizing that any potential seller could easily google my name from the ad, find this blog and read it. Great. I don't care. If anything, I wish they would to learn what a badass B is now.


(for me) When selling, its a constant struggle to show him in his best light vs. what he was because I find that to be more informational than anything, and a true testament to the horse he is today.

But alas, thats not how it works.

I love this goon

I also apparently forgot that people want X-rays and photos of legs, of which I have neither. I refuse to get X-rays for a horse that's under 10K, so people can ge over that or order it themselves.

But for real. This whole process has been numbing.

Bacardi was and is my dream horse. Forever.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Yankee and he is my heart, but I also outgrew him in many ways. He does not challenge me any more and he is physically too small for my amazon body. Also if I am being frank, he is quite plain and not a stunner in any way other than his brain and talent for learning. I had ALWAYS wanted a shiny, chromey, flashy, BIG horse. I will never forget what Yankee has done for me and he is never leaving...but B encompasses everything I've ever wanted and ripping it away after such success is killing me. I finally felt whole and content in my purchase of that big crazy chestnut boy.

People read his ad and see an unshown 8 year old off the track Thoroughbred and nothing more. I KNOW why people focus on a show record, but it is so fucking frustrating when people have all the money in the world to show every weekend and I am scraping together every cent I have to provide for my passion and show a schooling show a month. I feel like thats worth some credit too and pricing B where he is now is almost a slap in the face to myself. It sucks.

I just wish everyone could see his transformation like I have and realize he is so so special and worth every cent he's listed for and more. It kill me to give him up after all we have been through.

XoXo forever 


  1. Selling horses is literally the worst (especially when your heart doesn't want to). I hope the perfect person shows up soon.

  2. All the feels :( I wish a magical money fairy would find you and leave you with the resources to keep B, but since that's unlikely, I hope you find the perfect person to appreciate his history and his talent. Quickly, so you don't have an undue financial burden. *hugs* Thinking of you.

  3. Seeing everyones highlights when you're highlight is you didn't die that day is freaking hard. But what you have done no one else did, and it can't be taken from you. That is something to be proud of. Sarcasm is fun but heartfelt has its place. You are an amazon girl, rock it. Strong and kind. You don't need to explain a damn thing to anyone. Anyone knowledgeable knows that horses aren't born jumping 6 foot. You'll find the right person who understands.

    1. I need this comment so much. I felt the love, thank you

  4. It is so hard. But you are doing the best you can for him. I hope he finds a splendid home that you feel good about.

  5. I've never sold a horse, but just finding one was hard enough. Wishing you the best of luck in this tough process <3

  6. Anyone with any sense can see what a good job you've done with B. Your pride is completely justifiable. A good foundation is the most important thing, & always worth taking your time with imo.

  7. I hope you find him the absolutely best situation where he will be appreciated for who he is and what he can provide someone else. A lot of buyers are just dumb.

  8. Hang in there, I had the same issue with Misty - people wanting me to pay for x-rays (though she was a lower level stock horse) for a horse priced under 10k. My vet friend agreed with me for not providing the x-rays since she was appropriately priced and not expensive enough to warrant them. If people want them then they can get them themselves! You've done an amazing job with B and it sucks you have to sell him. The right person will come along eventually.

  9. Be all of the sap. Let that tree drain, lady! You put in all of the time and effort and created a very nice horse. And it just isn't fair that you have to find him a new perfect home, but I know somewhere out there, when you are ready and stable, there is another big flashy horse waiting for you. And we will be waiting here too.

  10. It's a shame that people don't get to see the progress but I'm sure you'll find a wonderful home for him (and another lovely one for yourself as well)

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