Monday, February 20, 2017

Anniversary of Life

I was going to write about my ride with B yesterday (which was great btw) and was then reminded by FB that the anniversary of the worst day of my life was yesterday/today.

Thanks FB, this is why I keep you around.

For real though, it was such a horrendous, stressful, god awful day, I legit forgot the actual date. I knew it was coming up but couldn't remember the exact day and truly did not want to look it up.

Whew, the feels are coming back strong.

cookie plz?
Despite wanting to take  step back from showing and riding, I still love horses fiercely and it gives me no greater joy than to walk in the barn and see my pretty boys staring at me, begging for cookies. Nothing is better than that.

yesterday at the show

To think that colic almost took my boy away is almost too much to think about sometimes, so I usually don't. Instead, I celebrate every single day I get to see his cute face and watch V work with him and kill it at shows (like yesterday with a 26 in USEA training level dressage and 67% USDF 1st level test 2).

I try to not freak out about the weather, but its been pretty wild in rollercoaster temps.

last week
I sincerely hope no one ever has to go through that ordeal with their horses and I implore all of you, despite any of our differences, to go hug your ponies and give them extra treats because you never know when the worst can happen!

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  1. still such a relief that Yanks pulled through and has gotten back to the business of thriving!

  2. Yankee is such a gem! I'm so glad he's come back from his surgery in such a fantastic way!

  3. What a scary thought. I am glad he is ok! Focus on him being ok and that you get to walk up to him and have him beg for cookies!


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