Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revamped Energy

Whoa dude, haters gonna hate. That was blown out of proportion... Did I do that? ;) Gotta love it.

At least my BFF lessee came to my defense and was much more eloquent than me, since she wasn't blinded by rage. If you would like to see what I am talking about, see previous post.

I may have made myself seem like a raging immature dickhead, but I don't care. I'm sorry I go off on childish rampages on my blog, I'm only 21 for Christ sake. In no way shape or form do I feel like an adult. In fact, the real world scares the shit out of me so much, I daydream of returning to preschool and taking nappy naps and eating snacky snacks. My name and image is all I have in this world. Needed to be said.

All this internet bitching is giving me the gusto to blog about my ride yesterday on the ponyface!

ANWAYS! Yesterday le Jackie and le me tacked up the Pronto and the Yankee for a bitty jump school. Jackie convinced me to continue riding him in the hackamore since she said he was brilliant in it last time she jumped. HOKAY, if you say so.

Her goal with Pronto was to get his whompy ass over everything, ha. In which she succeeded! We set up a lovely course with loopy turns and some less than challenging jumps.

Pronto was an angel :) I credit Jackie for her no-nonsense riding style and her no tolerance for pony bullshit. I think he got the message and happily jumped everything after one stern talking to. Gotta love the monster!


Jackie learning that keeping a solid lower leg on The Monster is easier said than done

Proceed to Jackie schooling me on how to ride my horse :P

I love her style. Coming from a Grand Prix BG she knows her stuff and her help always makes us shine! Yankee seems to have found his love in the hackamore, and I plan to test it out next weekend at the CT we are doing. If any of your remember, I tried him in it last year and it was a major fail. Not sure why he has taken a liking to it!

CAn we just say that it is ABSURD that it was 90 degrees yesterday in APRIL. Luckily the ring was shaded.

Also...Hannah jumped Yankee!!!! SAY what?? I was so proud of her :) I thought it was fair, since Jackie jumped her horse. Horse musical chairs! Yankee is literally one of the easiest horses to jump, especially if you just sit there. Which I told her to do.

I told her it was vital to her survival to jump him more often! HA. Really though.


  1. I'm 25 and still don't feel like an adult and don't want to live in the real. RAGE ON!

  2. LOL! I'm 26 and feel the same way. :D The real world sucks.

    Could he be liking the hackamore because of a tooth problem? Don't know when his last dental was, but might be world a check. You guys look fantastic. You make jumping look so fun (instead of terrifying).