Saturday, April 7, 2012

Riding Naked

OK I didn't QUITE ride naked today, but it was pretty close.

Okay, no it wasn't. But I did forget to strap the girls down before I headed out to ride. How does one forget that essential undergarment you ask? Well, I was sitting at home all day in my PJs and hoodie doing homework till barn time, and I simply switched pants and left. Oops. I guess I was excited to practice my SECOND level test today for the show next weekend!!

(In case you were wondering, sitting the trot for the better part of 40 minutes, sans bra is....unfortunate)

I digress.

If you all did know yet, I have a show next weekend. Originally, Jackie was supposed to ride in it, but she has a wedding or something to go to. So, Saturday I ride 3 dressage tests (USDF Training-2nd level), and Sunday I have a training level CT (USEA).

It's a schooling show (wicked cheap too-4 classes for under $90) and I'm taking that opp. to do 3 tests up the levels. 2nd level looked legit and I'm REALLY stoked to see how he does. It'll be his 3rd test, so hopefully by then he will be a bit more settled. I wanted to run through that test a few times today since
a) I hate having readers-they distract me and I wanted to memorize it
b) I'd never strung together all the 2nd level movements

We pretty much looked like this...

...And this...


Haha, well, it felt like that to me. He was SO perfect. Can I just tell you all that I never would have dreamed of this day? Ever? For an OTTB to almost flawlessly (in my mind) execute some pretty legit movements like...

-shoulder in
-simple changes through walk
-walk to canter
-collected canter
-collected trot
-medium gaits
-counter canter mind blowing for me. OK OK, He's not ever going to be Grand Prix material but to ME, it is a massive milestone! No anxiety, crooked neck, no trotting or cantering in place. GAH :D

I just hope he can KIT (keep it together) for the show.

Fingers Crossed.

Last but not least, THANK YOU for your opinions on turnout! I loved hearing them :) Also, we've reached 70 followers and over 26, 000 visits. Love you guys!


  1. Haha, fun times. I haven't made it to the barn like that yet, but I could see it happening. Can't imagine actually riding, though. Yikes! (Har har. With my group though, you could probably borrow accouterments. Seriously.)

    Good luck at the show!

  2. Have fun! Isn't it amazing how dressage can actually become... fun?? Words I thought growing up would never in a million years leave my mouth.

  3. Oh my goodness, I fell in LOVE with dressage last Fall, and isn't it LOVELY?! :) I was seriously thinking about focusing on just dressage but I think my new pony and I might miss the jumping... :P

  4. I just wanna know where you found the pic of the naked riders?!?! AWESOME! Uh, you deserve a ribbon for riding with no bra.

    I can't wait to hear about your shows!!! You better put your boy to work and we better have pics and video!!!!!!!!

    1. Dude I already asked him and he was being a poop! Granted, he has exams that next monday but lets be serious. NO EXCUSES.
      I just googled, "riding naked" hahaha didn't think I would actually find anything!! They were riding for breast cancer in the UK.

  5. to Bella and Katherine, I HAVE come to love dressage. Gasp!

  6. Thankfully, I have no boobs so I could probably get away with riding sans bra.

  7. Ouch. Riding without a bra would be very uncomfortable!! Can't even imagine a sitting trot lol.

    Good luck at the show! Sounds like fun!

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