Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stress Level Britney

This has been a rough couple of days, but Yankee is steadily improving! I think I am losing my damn mind when it comes to coordinating his care in MO before he is strong enough to travel home to Ohio. So again, this will be disjointed at best.

I have LOVED seeing the outpouring of support, and again I am sorry I haven't been individually able to respond. 

He is now eating hay freely, still on antibiotics and IV though, and we have yet to know what caused the infection in his bowels. However, he can be released to the rehab farm this week! A whole week early- go Yankee!

Not only did I have to solidify boarding plans, but also transportation, care, grain, hay AND a farrier appt, since he is now almost overdue. I have been in constant contact with over 10 people regarding this mess and I might actually rip my hair out. In addition to MO plans, there's also the preplanning required for his arrival in OH. He will need limited access to pasture for 60 days, so I have to rebuild our paddock fencing (we tore it all down when I moved B and sold Lilly), locate a hay supplier, reorganize my barn/clean it out (it is now full of tractors, lawnmowers and my dad's shit) and get bedding and buckets. Not to mention, carving out time with work to go and get him when he can come home ...

Oh my god. I'm going insane. Please, don't let me shave my hair...

flashback to 2007
Anyways, with all of this going on, I am happy it for a good reason. Yankee is doing well and CAN go home. I always need to take a step back and remember how lucky I am to have him still in my life.

Also, luckily, thanks to an old friend, she saw my last post and gave me the contact information of a person with an OTTB who is unsound to ride, but still young in years and in need of a temporary home. 

How. Freaking. Perfect.

So as of now, Yankee even has a buddy lined up! I really hope everything transitions smoothly, but as we all know, with horses, that may not happen.

Introducing, Yankee's possible buddy and Bacardi's twin, Braggles!

Doesn't he look EXACTLY like B??
I think I have everything in order, but I also think the stress has caused me to fall ill...I have some insane upper respiratory thing going on and I might actually drown in my own mucus.

Bacardi is doing well too, and we've actually been riding. More on that later, but here's a pic of him doing what he does best, looking like a giraffe.


  1. Great news that Yankee is recovering quickly! It will all come together - remember to breathe :)

  2. Can you please clip him to look like a giraffe next year:)

    I'm so happy to hear Yankee is recovering well!

  3. hang in there girl - i don't doubt that it feels a little overwhelming right now :( it'll all be worth it tho when Yankee is home safe and sound!! also braggles is adorable!

  4. Yikes that's a lot. You're going to make it and so is he. :-)

  5. Oi, I got exhausted just reading that! But soon he will be back home and this will all be past you. And you will get to snuggle him.

  6. Go Yanks! Hopefully everything goes smoothly!

  7. I second the clip idea Niamh has. Also, sending virtual high fives. You may be stressed, but you are figuring it out like a pro. You've got this!

  8. Glad to hear that some stuff is falling into place (helllllllo adorable pasture buddy!) and really glad to hear that Yankee's eating and comes home a week early! If there was ever a Stress Level matrix like we have for Homeland Security, I feel like Britney would be at the top.


  9. Sounds like you are stressed as much as Britney but are handling it a lot better! Hope things are downhill from here.

  10. I always feel like 2007 Brittney. You will get through this and I'm so happy Yanks is better!

  11. I'm sorry you're sick. Probably shouldn't be a surprise with all of the stress you've been under. That heart rate readout was insane. I can't even imagine what mine would look like if I wore one all the time lol. I'm glad Yankee is doing well. I can't wait for him to go home to you.