Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet Braggles

So, things are changing around here. And as someone suggested, I think I might need a time turner to make it all work. I kind of feel like I'm back in college, surviving off 5 or less hours of sleep a night and living my life by my planner, and the horses aren't even back at the homestead yet.

I enjoy work, and being busy and actually get bored being lazy.

Its about to get too busy though. And THAT I don't know about.

Boarding  Bacardi has opened up my life, literally, in so many magical ways. I am able to sleep again 7 hrs a night, you know, normal things people need to survive and I finally got my health & anxiety under control. I was able to go back to school and work on my dual masters degree. I had opportunities to work OT at work for extra money. I got to work out consistently AND ride my horse. It was wonderful. WAS.

Then, a month ago, my spoiled white girl life was shattered when Yankee had colic surgery and his lease ended.

If you don't know by now, he is coming home April 1 (meaning I am driving 9 hours to go get him) and I will have horses on my property....again.

So of course, Yankee can't be alone right?


So I found him a friend.

His name is Braggles and he's adorable and looks exactly like Bacardi and it works out for all parties involved that he comes to stay with us until Yankee is well enough to be ridden and hopefully leased out again.

Because mama aint got no time of' dat.

I spent the ENTIRE weekend getting sawdust, hay, fixing fence and pastures, cleaning and prepping the barn and I can 100% admit, I am not exactly the cheeriest about my situation.

Barn is prepped
Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, go read Amy's blog. She states everything so wonderfully and summarizes all the reasons I HATE having horses at home. Color me spoiled. I don't care. I work hard for my money, and money is time and time is money. Without time to work, I don't have the ability to ride at all. And caring for horses literally eats all my free time. My slight, minuscule, tiny small amounts of free time. Boarding saved my life, social, mental and physical and I am legit terrified I will slip back into a dark mental state, get fat and lose everything I've worked for. Seriously though, its a possibility.

Regardless of all my worries, I am very grateful Yankee is alive and well and that I am lucky enough to own 2 OTTBs....but truly, I need him to get better fast so I can lease him out, or I will have to sell Bacardi...and I would really like not having to do that.

Anyways, here is Braggles and I go get him Saturday and I am super excited to have horses at my house again, even if I do hate it at the same time. He's also an OTTB that currently cannot be ridden and is a magical unicorn that gets fat on air. Its awesome. Plus his face. So cute.

UH-dorable. Just wanna smush his face.


  1. Dude, I totally agree with you. I do not enjoy having my horses at my place. I love that I can see them, I love that I can check on them, I love that I can do as I please with them. You know what I don't enjoy? The 2 hours of chores they require every day when I only have about 3.5 hours of free time a day. That includes time to shower, eat and do housework. So yeah, thanks to taking care of my horses, I don't have time to enjoy my horses. Because I don't count shoveling poo/shavings/moving hay/getting grain enjoying my horses. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but I am going to enjoy boarding again. Even though boarding always comes with drama. Amy's post was SPOT ON and listed every reason why I also should not have my horses at my own farm.

  2. I have pasture horses at my house that are pretty low maintenance but as much as I want horses at my house, I couldn't work at the same time. The six horses live in pasture, get fed once a day (twice in winter) and live on enough acres there is no poop to scoop. I have a barn with three empty stalls and I'm ok with that. We have cats, chickens, (pet) rats, and my bf has a dog. While I house sit, I literally am not worried. Chickens are self sufficient for a few days, as well as the cats (indoor/outdoor) and rats. I absolutely miss having a dog but I know how tied down my BF is because of it. Luckily since the horses are my trainer's she will come and feed if we go out of town.

  3. Glad Yankee is recovering well. Keeping the horse at home is a little easier to swallow when you have no other options - #tinyislandwithnoboarding, but you are right.

    Making the money to pay for the horse's house, the horse's food, the horse's food's house, the horse's doctor and dentist etc + taking care of the actual horse is a huge time and resource commitment, and I've optimized the situation to the nth degree.

    I do love having him here but with also working towards building a house I'm not doing as many horsey things as I envisioned when I brought him home. Hoping after the house project is finished horse accomplishments can be a priority again...

  4. Having horses at home is definitely a lot of work - there are aspects that I miss a lot but others that I appreciate handing off. Atleast you can keep Bacardi at the boarding facility still.

  5. I've never wanted to have horses at home and consider my board payment the BEST MONEY SPENT. Ever.

  6. I enjoy having my horses at home because I obsess about them, but I am home all day (thanks Lyme Disease, you asshole) so that makes it easier. It is harder for me because sometimes I am feeling to weak to get much done, but I am also stubborn so it will eventually get done, it just might take me all day. At least Braggles is fricken adorable. And AHS ftw.

  7. He is so gorgeous!!!! Glad Yankee is doing well, at least with him at home you know he will be getting the best care :)

  8. WAIT A SECOND... is this Braggles, Mer's old horse?!?!?! If so, I rode him once upon a time!

    1. That is so unbelievably small world that I don't even know where to start. Wow.

  9. Ugh and you're applying for another part time job.... I forgot to say something about that in the last post. Getting less than five hours of sleep is extremely unhealthy, especially for someone with anxiety (ask me how I know lol). I really hope Yankee heals up quickly and finds a new lease. I'd be so sad if you had to sell B, but I guess it's better than the alternative (if Yankee hadn't made it). I'm sorry things are so busy and stressful. Hang in there! It won't be permanent.

    Oh and Braggles is very cute. :)